One of the priorities of OMNITEC is its commitment to the environment and contribution to energy savings in the hospitality sector, improving the comfort of guests and users in the facilities and minimising supply costs.

The OMNITEC range of energy savers, sensors and comfort devices mean you can carefully manage the equipment in the different rooms to optimise energy savings and comfort depending on occupancy; achieving savings of up to 60% in electricity use.
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Energy savers and sensors for energy savings in hotels and public buildings

Devices for saving energy and improving comfort are the result of the specialisation and orientation of Omnitec to the hospitality and industrial catering sectors. Omnitec's range of energy savers, sensors and convenience devices mean energy savings and comfort can be optimised according to occupancy; leading to savings of up to 60% in electricity use.

The Omnitec energy savers range from the simplest energy saver model to the most advanced with online functionality.

  • The Simple energy saver is activated by any card inserted in the accommodation.
  • The MiFare energy saver model operates with a MiFare card, without reading any authorisation for the facilities.
  • Smart is an energy saver requiring the use of the particular MiFare card for a location. This energy saving model manages 2 output relays.
  • The Wireless energy saver has two designs: firstly, a wall-mounted one for use with smartphones and different card supports to access the room, as well as letting you enter that facility with your own card; and secondly DIN rail, an energy saver located in the electrical panel, simplifying the installation. Both models work in conjunction with wireless movement, door and window sensors.

Wireless energy savers and sensors

To optimise the performance of wireless energy savers, Omnitec offers different sensor types and models to reduce electricity consumption in the rooms. Movement, door and window sensors are the ideal complement for facilities with wireless energy savers.

Maximum control of the energy savers and sensors installed is achieved by having coordinator and control software, to control and manage the facilities from a reception computer.

Privacy and confort DND devices

To add comfort in the room, Omnitec has 2 DND device models differentiated by the design of the outer panel according to different decorative styles.DND systems are widely implemented in hotels, motels and apartments that want to offer their guests this option of indicating their preferences outside the room.