DND Glass System

DND for hotels

The DND Glass system is characterised by its modern design with an exterior panel in retro glass illuminated by LED and a touch button.

Its elegant finish gives the whole hall a luxurious and modern style without neglecting the comfort of the guest.

DND system for room hotels

The DND Glass system is widely used in hotels that provide guests with the added comfort of being able to indicate their status on the outside of the room and prevent inappropriate interruptions.

The guest has three options on the DND interior panel: do not disturb, clean room and please wait.

In addition to the 3 status indicators and room number, the DND exterior panel includes a bell button.

Once one of these states is turned on, it is indicated immediately on the panel in the corridor. When “do not disturb” is indicated, the doorbell is turned off.

If the bell is rung and the guest cannot immediately open, pressing “wait please” will make this message appear on the DND outside panel for 2 minutes and the doorbell will be turned off.

DND Glass adapts to automated systems and message management systems to facilitate the management of the room as a whole.

Interior panel with metal frame and backlit panel to ensure visibility in the dark.

Simple to install, it fits the standard flush-mounted boxes.

  • Voltage: AC100 ~240V 50/60Hz.
  • Consumption: < 5W.
  • External panel dimensions: 160 x 90mm.
  • Internal panel dimensions: 86 x 86mm.
  • Bell dimensions: 155 x 105 x 48mm.