The electronic cylinder as an access control device is increasingly important in hotels, offices, homes and restricted areas of public buildings, either by integrating with other devices or operating independently.

Electronic cylinder locks with entry, entry and exit reader or with half a cylinder, with Bluetooth or RFID opening. All models can be used to convert a traditional door into an electronically controlled door quickly and easily without modifying the door.
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Stand alone electronic cylinder

An electronic cylinder lock with a proximity opening mechanism is the ideal option for modernising doors with a mechanical lock and turning them into smart doors.

Replacing the mechanical cylinder with an electronic cylinder takes just a few minutes and means you can dispense with traditional keys. Once the electronic cylinder is installed, you have full control of when and who can access rooms, common areas or restricted areas in a hotel, companies, institutions or any other public entry environment.

RFID proximity electronic cylinder

  • The X-Clusive electronic cylinder lock has the main knob as the common base for all devices. Starting from this component, the electronic cylinder lock is configured to be adapted to facilities with an electronic cylinder lock of 1 reader, 2 readers, a half cylinder, server cabinet lock or a padlock, for example.