Electronic Cylinder X-Clusive

One electronic cylinder, multiple devices

The Electronic Cylinder Lock X-Clusive is the best option for modernizing doors for access to restricted zones, which gives a modern and state-of-the-art dimension to the room, whether hotel or office.

Electronic Cylinder Lock

The installation of the Omnitec Electronic Cylinder modernizes the opening of doors, incorporating wireless Mifare cards, providing security and control to the entrances to these rooms.

Available in three different formats, the electronic cylinder adapts to the needs of any facility: double-knob cylinder lock with a reader, double-knob cylinder lock with a double reader and a half-cylinder lock reader.

Easy installation and adaptable with any previous lock type or obsolete technology, by simply dismantling the old lock and installing the X-Clusive electronic cylinder lock.

One system, multiple devices

An electronic cylinder knob integrated in different devices provides control of very different components using a single technology. Electronic cylinder locks for doors, server cabinets, switches or locks, all centrally managed, granting authority on a single support.


  • Opening by proximity MIFARE 13.56 Mhz
  • Permanent opening function
  • 512 events audit trail
  • Integrated into Omnitec's software, it manages electronic locks, electronic cylinders and access controls with the same software
  • Cylinder casing lengths from 26/26 mm to 70/70 mm in 5mm steps
  • Reversible cylinder body
  • Optional IP66 protection
  • Assembly/dismantling of electronic cylinder is only possible by card with specific credentials
  • Disassembly kit and external supply for low batteries
  • Operated by two CR2-Lithium batteries which can power up to 71,000 openings
  • With the battery to a minimum, the device guarantees at least 100 openings before exhaustion