Omnitec presence and access control systems allow you to control the main entrances without surveillance, common zones, swimming pools, spas, garages and any other zone with access restrictions where the electronic lock is not applicable.

RFID or Code access control, access control for lift, lockers in common zones, presence control or revalidation of permits for in-house personnel are other functions that can be managed with Omnitec devices and software.

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Proximity, code or Bluetooth wall reader access control

Omnitec puts a range of access control devices for indoor or outdoor use at your disposal; easy to install, with the option of online functionalities to increase security and the control of users.

A feature of the Bluetooth access control is its operation via Bluetooth, by proximity, with numerical code and via online. Sending electronic keys to users and access with your smartphone are a reality; avoiding the need for management with physical cards.

The access control compact model is the standard for wall access controls. Discreet and elegant, the Mifare card reader and control unit are integrated in a single device.

Safety in access control

For facilities that require a high level of security, Omnitec has an anti-vandalism access control device. This consists of two units, a reader installed in the access point and a control unit installed in a zone restricted to third parties. Having this configuration means manipulation of the external reader alone does not give you access control.

Connectivity in access control and presence

Access control models that operate on a network have permission managed from Omnitec software communicated by the internal network. These access control models operate by proximity, Bluetooth, code and on remote online.