Access Control Digit Hotel

Opening vía Bluetooth, Code, Proximity and Online

Access control with opening by numeric keypad, Bluetooth, proximity card or on-line. Designed to control doors and external access to buildings, garages, etc. and to common areas of hotels and offices.

Possibility of providing them with online functionalities to increase user security and control.

Access control for opening by code, bluetooth, proximity and online

OMNITEC offers a range of access controls with opening by numeric keypad, proximity card, Bluetooth or on-line for doors with an electronic latch, garage doors, parking barriersc, lathes, etc. Possibility of providing the access control with online functionalities to increase user security and control.

Installation of this access control is additional to the electronic lock and unifies the entire access management system for the hotel guest or for the worker.

For hotels without a night reception service, the remote management system allows the owner and guest to avoid reception hours. Once the reservation is confirmed, the owner sends an electronic key or PIN to the guest with validity in accordance with the reservation contracted.

Connected to the electronic door lock, the Digit keypad access control lets the guest open with the code and electronic key they received on their smartphone after confirming the reservation. In hotels that have EVO, Code or Gaudi BLE locks, guests can access the room without the need for mechanical keys, cards or paperwork at Reception.


  • Two models differentiated by their opening modes:
    • Proximity card, Bluetooth and on-line, connected via Gateway.
    • PIN code, proximity card, Bluetooth and on-line, connected via Gateway.
  • Management with OS ACCESS software and Omnitec apps.
  • Guest opening via Bluetooth with Omnitec apps.
  • Bluetooth keys and numeric codes with temporary, cyclical, single-use or permanent validity. li>
  • Opening, cancellation of credentials and remote opening record with connectivity via Gateway.
  • Elegant design with sober lines, aluminium case and methacrylate front.
  • Power: 12V - 3A
  • 1 output relay.
  • Dimensions: 124 x 78 x 16mm

Optional Protector

 Digit Access Control – Optional Protector

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