The boom in electronic commerce has led to the implementation of delivery and/or collection systems for products in blocks of lockers located in accessible public places with a high traffic flow. As a specialist in security and access control, Omnitec offers a technical solution to be incorporated in the locker module manufacturing process.
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Mecanismos click & collect

Comfortable and flexible collection

Currently, retail models provide online shopping storage and collection systems in their own stores, thus saving time for consumers of products from these establishments.

Omnitec Systems offers a solution for such situations, whereby blocks of lockers become online cabinets. This conversion is carried out by an electronic system that connects the locks and occupancy sensors of the cabinets to a server, which completes the flow of online communication from each of the lockers to the consumer.

Mecanismos click & collect

Remotely, end customers can manage their purchases with their trusted retailer who instantly receives the status of their order.

This technology is applicable to the current Proptech management, whereby installing lockers to deliver ecommerce products is a reality, by thinking about the flexibility online systems at all times. The Omnitec Systems Click and Collect device adapts to current measurement standards as well as to the various manufacturers of this type of container, demonstrating it is a versatile and highly operative product.