OMNITEC offers a simple, practical and safe management system for locker and furniture electronic lock, with a complete range of electronic locks for doors and drawers.

The Omnitec locker and furniture electronic locks are the ideal solution for storing the belongings of users or employees in spas, baths, sports centres, educational centres, company changing rooms, offices and shops, for example.

Electronic locks for lockers

Electronic locks for lockers and furniture fulfil a double function in the environments where they are installed. As is the basic function of any electronic lock, they safeguard the belongings of third parties while, at the same time, they provide a second customer service function of a pleasant user experience, which generates trust in the establishment (e.g. hotel, spa, gym or business).

Proximity, code or on-line locks for lockers

Technically speaking, there are two working modes for electronic locks installed in lockers and furniture: online connection and autonomous mode.

An electronic lock for lockers and furniture with on-line operation increases their range of application, making them more popular in shops and offices. In addition being able to operate in autonomous mode, these electronic locks offer functions such as remote openings by security or authorised personnel, as well as scheduling of blocking or opening periods for all locks and audits. In short, electronic locks in lockers and furniture with on-line functionality allow automation of security plan processes and management of critical access by authorised persons without them having to be present.

For facilities where security plans or goods under lock and key do not require the advanced level of online electronic locks, for example, autonomous locks are an option providing peace of mind.

Systems opened by proximity sensors or numerical code have electronic locks for lockers and furniture in autonomous mode; these are adaptable for most facilities, where an electronic lock is required to be installed on a door or drawer of a piece of furniture.

The system of allocating free ownership or a single user for each electronic lock offers employees and users of facilities the best conditions of use in terms of safety and convenience.