Electronic Lock Style Mifare

Proximity Lock for Lockers and Furniture

Electronic lock for lockers with Mifare proximity opening.

Ideal solution for Hotels, Gyms, SPA’s and Health Resorts which use software from Omnitec Systems.

Electronic lock for lockers with proximity opening

OMNITEC offers a simple, practical and secure lockers management system with the Style range of electronic locks for locker.

Omnitec electronic locks for lockers are the ideal solution for keeping the belongings of users and employees of health centres, spas, gyms, sports centres, education centres, company dressing rooms, etc. as well as in the usually shared room closets of Hostels.

The electronic lock for locker Style Mifare provides:

  • Integration with Omnitec locks, the same card for the room and the locker.
  • Fast installation in lockers and cabinets made from wood, sheet metal, plastic, phenolic, etc.
  • Allocation: the user uses the free lockers that are available at any given time.
  • Does not require wiring, works with AA batteries. Low battery indication by Led.
  • The design is modern, simple and intuitive for the user.
  • Integrated handle for easier use of the locker.