Electronic Lock for Locker Smart
Electronic Lock for Locker Smart

Lock for lockers, drawers and furniture

Electronic lock for lockers and furniture in sports centres, companies, schools, first aid kits and changing rooms, etc.

  • Sector: Hotels and Hospitality, Work Areas, Educational Environments, Health Centres, Sport and leisure centers, Institutional Buildings

Lock for locker with proximity and remote opening

OMNITEC offers you a simple, practical and safe locker management system with the SMART electronic lock for lockers, with two different modes of operation

  • Locker mode: The lock is normally open and closes/opens when it reads a card with valid authorisation.
  • Drawer/Furniture mode: The lock is normally closed and opens if it reads a card with valid authorisation. The latch closes after the programmed time.

The SMART electronic lock for locker offers you:

  • Simple and quick installation in lockers and cabinets made of wood, sheet metal, plastic or phenolic plastic, for example, due to their standard Euro size.
  • Discreet design without knob, hidden inside the furniture.
  • Opening by proximity RFID.
  • 2 modes of operation, according to the locker type:
    • Owner: A locker exclusively for one person.
    • Free allocation: Person uses any locker that is free.
  • Self-programmable for opening or closing at specific times.
  • Replaces coin-operated locks.
  • Management system with own software.
  • Does not require wiring, works with AA batteries.
  • Wireless connectivity option.