OS ACCESS unifies the management and control of access authorisation in a single platform, which acts as the backbone of the integrated access plan for each facility.


Integrated access control management

Omnitec offers two functional APPs which make it possible to obtain maximum performance from the installation, both for the hotel and for the guest. These two APPs differ, depending on the user: for the guest, the ACTIVA KEY APP is available, and for the hotel and its employees, the ACTIVA TASKS APP.

The adaptability of the platform to the needs of the customer is one of the principals of OS Access. The platform adapts to the facility gradually, depending on the size of the access plan, the diversity of devices installed and user profiles. Its scalability means it can be modified in the future depending on customer requirements. Thus, the customer handles only the functionalities required for their facility so they can focus on their pre-established access plan and optimise their daily work.

A wide range of electronic devices means that access through external and internal doors and to individual rooms, as well as cabinet opening and presence of users, as an example, can all be controlled and audited.


Used by guests with their own Smartphone, the ACTIVA KEY App allows automatic check-in and direct access to the room after confirming the availability of their access credentials on their Smartphone.

ACTIVA KEY APP lets the guests open the SYN electronic hotel lock by NFC (Activa Key NFC) and by Bluetooth (ACTIVA KEY BLE), availables in APP Stores IOS and Android.

Confirmation of Booking > Auto Check-in > Access Credentials > Access to the room


The ACTIVA TASKS App has been developed to be used by both internal and external hotel personnel. Common operations such as the initialization of electronic hotel locks, audit trail reports, battery status check, changes of access plan, emergency openings, etc. are possible by simply moving the NFC smartphone or tablet near the Activa locks.

Another innovative aspect is the management of access permissions associated with specific tasks. These tasks are received on the employee’s Smartphone and, once the task is finalized, the access credentials of said task expire and the system reports the task as finalized.