OMNITEC has developed different management systems to meet the needs of all types of accommodation, simplifying the management and control the access credentials of guests and internal and external staff.
OMNITEC software acts as a backbone in the comprehensive access plan for hotels, tourist accommodation, residences and in the hospitality sector.


Integrated access control management

Omnitec offers functional APPs which make it possible to obtain maximum performance from the installation, both for the hotel and for the guest. These APPs differ, depending on the user: for guests, for hotel employees and for hotel administrator.

The adaptability of the platform to the needs of the customer is one of the principals of OS Access. The platform adapts to the facility gradually, depending on the size of the access plan, the diversity of devices installed and user profiles. Its scalability means it can be modified in the future depending on customer requirements. Thus, the customer handles only the functionalities required for their facility so they can focus on their pre-established access plan and optimise their daily work.

A wide range of electronic devices means that access through external and internal doors and to individual rooms, as well as cabinet opening and presence of users, as an example, can all be controlled and audited.


Reception or server PC software with USB connected card encoder.


OS ACCESS is OMNITEC’s most innovative development, created to meet the most demanding technical requirements of hotels.

Designed to work in the Cloud from a web browser, OS ACCESS optimises the management of access credentials and hotel security.

In addition to the Cloud version, OS ACCESS also offers a desktop version for working in a local network.

API-SDK Integration

OMNITEC software is able to integrate with the various third party PMS applications marketed by other companies. If this option is the one that best suits your hotel, request more information about integration with your PMS.


Mobile app for access management in small hotels, hotels without a 24-hour reception, offices and tourist accommodation. Without the need for a PC or software, remote management via app provides simplicity, convenience and security for both the owner and the guest.


  • Card recording, sending of PIN codes and Bluetooth electronic keys.
  • Multi-user license valid for use under a Windows environment.
  • Secure SQL database notably increasing security and providing secure access for technical assistance.
  • Integration with any PMS on the market (Opera, Prestige, etc.).
  • Uniquely coded card encoding per installation or group of installations, limiting the use of cards that are not coded by the authorized devices.
  • Different levels of access for different system users.
  • Management and control of guest and employee access.
  • Emergency manual system to issue new guest cards in the event of computer problems.
  • HOSTEL Option, for shared use of rooms by different guests, with independent check-in and check-out dates.
  • MOTEL Option, limiting the use of the lock by hours.
  • Option to install a revalidator - permission recorder.