Access management software for hotels and hospitality

At OMNITEC, we have developed SMARTPASS software to manage electronic proximity locks, access control and energy savers.

Management with the SMARTPASS software is complemented by the wireless programming controller and MiFare programming cards.

SMARTPASS was designed to meet the needs and demands of any type of hotel establishment, guaranteeing internal security and control.

Security, control and peace of mind in your hotel access management

SMARTPASS was designed to meet the needs and demands of any type of hotel establishment, guaranteeing internal security and control.

identification technology MIFARE PROXIMITY

OMNITEC locks use the MIFARE (13.56 Mhz) identification system, the most widely-used, and at the same time, the most secure technology, allowing very simple and quick integration with other market applications.

The medium on which the access credential is held can have multiple formats, and always adapted to the needs of the hotel: cards, key holders, bracelets, all-inclusive bracelets, etc. These can all be carried openly and don’t confine the user, which finally translates into significant cost savings.


Of the different systems that SMARTPASS encompasses, the most common one and with highest level of implementation at the international level is the management software, which offers:

  • Encrypted recording of data on identification supports
  • Multi-user license valid for use under a Windows environment
  • Secure SQL database, notably increasing security and providing secure access for remote technical assistance. Optional installation on OMNITEC Server
  • Compatible with any PMS on the market (Opera, Prestige, etc.)
  • Uniquely coded card encoding per installation or group of installations, limiting the use of cards that are not coded by the authorized devices
  • Different levels of access for different system users
  • Management and control of guests and employees access
  • BackUp System in order to issue new credentials for new guests in case of computer problems
  • HOSTEL Option, for shared use of rooms by different guests, with independent check-in and check-out dates
  • MOTEL Option, limiting the use of the lock by hours
  • Direct access to the online assistance website
  • REVALIDATOR: our system is capable of managing credentials by the hour or day/s. After the indicated period, it is necessary to revalidate their user permissions with the OMNITEC Revalidator in order for the card to continue to be operational. The device can be installed in a door or controlled passage by which, at the same time it revalidates the user permissions, it grants access to the user, speeding up and securing the process and the security of the hotel to the ulmost

SMARTPASS Accessories

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