Software OS ACCESS
Software OS ACCESS

Access control software for hotels and hospitality

OS ACCESS is the most innovative development by OMNITEC that meets the most demanding technical requirements of hotels and can optimise the management of hotel access credentials and security for MiFare proximity, numeric code and Bluetooth devices.

Designed to work in the Cloud from a web browser, OS ACCESS also offers a desktop version for a local network.

Maximum operability and efficiency for hotels, guests and employees

OMNITEC has developed OS ACCESS access control software to meet the needs of any hotel and simplify the management and control of access credentials for guests and internal and external personnel.

The software acts as the backbone in the integrated access plan for hotels, tourist accommodation, residences and the hospitality sector.

CLOUD Server

Software installed on a secure Cloud server, which users access through a browser without the need to install additional software on their PCs.

Accessibility, security and efficiency in managing access to your hotel.

Opening Alerts

Configures your push notifications for openings and attempted openings of certain locks or devices equipped with Bluetooth.

Online security and access control with special restrictions.

Remote Management

Performing remote daily tasks such as managing guest and employee credentials, opening records, maintenance and emergency openings are possible through connectivity via Gateways.

Fast Check-In

Quick procedure for creating guest cards with just 2 pieces of data.

MiFare cards, numeric codes and Bluetooth keys can be created quickly to streamline the guest check-in process.

Staff Credentials

Establishing employee profiles streamlines and minimises the management of the hotel's access plan.

Permission changes are updated for all profile members.

Specific access permissions are granted for users who do not fit into any profile.


Modern design with an intuitive interface, made especially with the user experience in mind.

OS ACCESS OMNI UX usability allows the hotel to save time in its processes and personnel training.

The OS ACCESS software is complemented by the UpKey app, used by hotel staff for the installation and management of Bluetooth locks and devices, as well as for access to the different rooms via Smartphone.

Hotel guests receive their keys on their Smartphone and can access the room and the rest of the permitted areas using their own phone.



  • Access by browser optimises the availability, security and efficiency of the system
  • Encrypted data recording on identification media
  • Multi-user license valid for use under a Windows environment (Mac and Linux versions on development)
  • Secure SQL database notably increasing security and providing secure access for remote technical assistance
  • Integration with any PMS on the market (Opera, Prestige, etc.), and with room management systems
  • Uniquely coded card encoding per installation or group of installations, limiting the use of cards that are not coded by the authorized devices
  • Different levels of access for different system users
  • MOTEL Option, limiting the use of the lock by hours
  • Scalable: the platform gradually adjusts to the facilities, depending on the size of the access plan, the diversity of installed devices and user profiles. Users manage only those functionalities required in their facilities, allowing them to optimise their daily work

OS ACCESS profiles


Management of the access plan for employees, external personnel and guests; prioritizing speed in managing the latter, given the high turnover and the numerous entries and exits every day.

TheFast Check-In function provides quick registration of guest to minimize waiting times at reception upon arrival.

Audit lists, battery level query an locking, as well as other functions, are managed from reception and the administrator’s mobile phone.


There are two different operating and access management types for tourist apartments: for those concentrated in self-contained buildings, which require management similar to that of a hotel; and for consisting of a high number of apartments scattered over different buildings, cities or provinces.

The online connectivity of OMNITEC OS ACCESS devices provides access management for a both business models, from a single point with full and inmmediate control of credentials.


An access plan for offices and work environments requires additional functionalities to the access control itself, which is more typical of human resources than of a security plan.

Employees are divided into profiles to assign common access permissions. When the latter are modified, all employees with that profile are updated at the same time.

The movement of workers and visitors is managed centrally in OS ACCESS by stablishing restricted access, according to working hours and holidays, or by movement sensors recording entry and exit.


There are two different profiles in residences: Firstly, for internal or external workers who are managed similarly to any other work environment; secondly, for the residents themselves, who are generally long-stay users, with different requirements to those of office workers or tourists in guest houses.

OS ACCESS provides centralized information for all devices: their status (open/closed), battery level, access/event auditing of the locks and access controls.

To help in the control of residents in nursing homes, OS ACCESS provides a daily report of openings for the rooms and for other devices.


Starting from a minimum, essential basis for access management operations, OS ACCESS allows modules to be added or removed according to the specific requirements of certain business models with very particular access control needs.

Online Connectivity

The incorporation of the OMNITEC Gateway into the hotel infrastructure converts Bluetooth electronic locks into online devices.

Having an online connection via WiFi, the Bluetooth locks, safes, cylinders, access controls, etc. transfer all recorded events to the Cloud and can be managed remotely..


  • Online Audit Trail
  • Remote opening from Front-Desk or via administrator smartphone
  • Battery level control
  • Access credential management
  • Date / Time update
  • Opening alerts

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