The range of hospitality and hotel minibars offered by Omnitec is differentiated mainly by the cooling technology used: absorption hotel minibar, minibar with silent compressor and a thermoabsorption hotel minibar.

Each hotel minibar type has different models with different technological features and sizes, so that Omnitec hotel minibars can cover all the current needs of hotels and the hospitality sector.

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Types of Minibar for Hotels

Omnitec Systems offers a range of minibar for hotel with different cooling technologies to adapt to the specifications of each installation.

Absorption Minibar for Hotel

The absorption minibar for hotel is the traditional solution for hotels, offering maximum service to the guests with a fully silent, efficient and low-power consumption system.

Thermoabsoption Minibar for Hotel

The thermoabsorption minibar for hotel is 100% silent, without moving parts and no fans in the cooling system. Thermoabsorption minibars uses an ecological technology CFC free, reaching an A+ energy efficiency level.

Compressor Minibar for Hotel

Technological advances and the improvements introduced in new compressors have resulted in the use of minibar for hotel with compressor technology being increasingly widespread in hotels that seek high cooling power.  This system attains an energy efficiency of A++ with an acoustic level that is imperceptible at a distance of more than 1m from the minibar and the option of programming its operation to switch off during the resting hours of the guest, eliminating noises and unnecessary energy consumption.