On-line house renting platforms as short-term holiday apartments have transformed the tourist accommodation market. Remote management is now possible with the Omnitec Rent & Pass system.

Open the main building door and the apartment with a smartphone.

Rent & Pass brings simplicity, convenience and security, both for the owner and guest, with online management.

The Rent & Pass system manages access permission to the house in the periods rented. Similarly, if the guest requires a cleaning or maintenance service to attend to the apartment when leaving, the owner can grant permission for a certain time slot to the person performing the task.

Electronic key


Sending electronic keys via an app anywhere and anytime.

Numeric access code


Opening via numerical code without installing an app.

Real-time management


Remote cancellation, blocking and deleting keys sent at any time.

Auditable access


Access logging for each lock and user.

Management of access codes


Code with custom properties, it can be deleted at any time

Alerts function


Notification of alerts in real time, security and protection


Confirmed booking

Confirmed booking

Generates and sends the electronic key and the access code for the guest.



Can cancel any key and/or code at any time. Entry report.

End of stay

End of stay

Sending electronic key and/or code to maintenance, cleaning or laundry personnel, for example.

Security and control without travelling

The Rent & Pass system allows the owner to send the guest electronic keys and codes to access the apartment, main door to the building, garage and any other area that can be controlled with a wall access system. The keys and codes can be cancelled and deleted at any time from the administrator platform.


Confirmed booking

Confirmed booking

Receives the key and code on their smartphone.



Can open the main door to the building and the apartment with a code or with their smartphone.

End of stay

End of stay

The key and code expire on the date and time stipulated in their rental conditions.

Simple procedures, satisfied customers

Specifying your expected arrival time or suffering unexpected delays are no longer an issue, as the customer already has the access key for the main door and apartment before leaving home. The customer uses his smartphone app for access and enjoys a comfortable, simple experience. To avoid possible battery or coverage problems, Rent & Pass allows entry by pin code, which the customer receives at the same time as the key.

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