Electronic Lock and Access Control for Holiday Homes

Rent&Pass system: simplicity and comfort without need keys

Electronic Lock and Access Control for Holiday Homes

Rent&Pass management system for holiday homes

As the owner of a holiday home or as a management company of multiple holiday homes, the Omnitec Rent&Pass system offers you access management from your smartphone or tablet, making traditional keys unnecessary and saving the time and inconvenience of appointments with guests to deliver and collect these keys.

Rent&Pass allows you, the owner or manager, to send electronic keys and numerical codes to the guest to access the house, open the building's main door, access the garage and, in short, provide access to any restricted access area.

For the owner or manager, control is absolute 24-7-365. At any time, and with immediate effect, you can cancel or delete the keys and codes from the administrator platform.

After the guest's stay in the holiday home, the Rent&Pass system allows you to send electronic keys valid for a specific time for the entry of cleaning, maintenance or laundry staff, for example.

The Rent&Pass access management system for holiday homes
helps to increase the rate of return and rating from the guests.

In addition to the many advantages that Rent&Pass brings to owners and managers of holiday homes, the guest is another great beneficiary when renting an apartment with this system. Your guests will appreciate that your holiday apartment will make their stay more comfortable and improve their experience in your accommodation.

For guests, specifying an expected arrival time or experiencing unexpected delays are no longer important. Before leaving home, they have the key to enter the main door, the holiday home and garage, etc, already on their phone.

Using the Rent&Pass holiday home app, guests enter with their smartphone and enjoy a comfortable and uncomplicated experience. To avoid any problems with mobile phone batteries or signals, Rent&Pass allows opening with a pin code that the guest receives at the same time as the electronic key of the holiday home.

Electronic lock and access control for holiday rental homes

The different devices in the Rent&Pass range have multiple applications to solve all kinds of access to holiday home, whether part of a community of owners, an isolated house, a rural cottage or a small hotel with several guests having different arrival and departure dates.

For example, let’s consider three types of holiday home access points and we will show you the best devices for them with recommended combinations.

Holiday home door

Regardless of the environment our holiday home is located in, you will always find yourselves with an entrance door to the apartment itself. For this door, Omnitec has 4 solutions.

The very concept of the Rent&Pass system means all devices offer a series of common functionalities which we will specify before detailing the features of each component:

  • All devices operate in stand-alone mode; i.e. they are operational without having to be interconnected.
  • Each device keeps a record of all entries to the holiday home. The owner can check this record to find out which electronic key/code was used to access the apartment.
  • Connectivity via Gateway: To operate the holiday home remotely online, a Gateway has to be installed, through which the Wi-Fi connection of the apartment gives the owner control and access to all devices from anywhere with a connection to the Internet.
    The different devices connected to the Gateway send their information to the cloud so the owner can perform remote checks to find out, for example, battery charge levels.
    An additional functionality of operating online is remote opening. If anyone without an access code needs to enter the holiday home, the owner can operate the device from anywhere with an Internet connection.

These are the benefits all the Rent&Pass devices have in common, now let's see what each device can offer and which is the best one for your particular holiday home.

Electronic Lock FLAT for Holiday Homes

Electronic Lock FLAT

Guests can open the door with their own smartphone via bluetooth, with the numeric code received when the reservation is made or made remotely online.
The electronic FLAT lock operates on the door lock latch and does not affect its mechanical cylinder, which retains all its functionality.
For owners who prefer the door to be locked at all times with the latch, Omnitec offers a latch mechanism with latch auto-eject, so that when the door is closed the latch is automatically released. This mechanism incorporates an anti-panic system that unlocks the latch when operating the handle from inside the holiday home.

Electronic Cylinder X-RP for Holiday Homes

Electronic Cylinder X-RP

The electronic cylinder X-RP is notable for its simple installation and quick start-up, without any need to modify the door or its frame to fit the device.
In the installation, the electronic cylinder replaces the existing mechanical cylinder and this new cylinder operates on the bolts and the door locking latch.
The electronic cylinder allows guests to access the holiday home by opening with their own smartphone via bluetooth or remotely online.

Opak & Dupla Access Control for Holiday Homes

Invisible System: Access Control Opak + Electrick Lock Bolt Dupla

For holiday homes where it is important not to spoil the exterior aesthetics of the door, we suggest the combination of the Opak access control and the Dupla electric lock.
The Dupla electric lock keeps the existing mechanical cylinder for opening with a traditional key and guarantees access in all circumstances. Dupla provides the safety bonus of a mechanical, auto-eject system for the lock when the door is closed.
Being very small in size, the Opak access control is installed inside the holiday home, as close as possible to the door to connect it to the electric lock. Both the guest and the owner can access the holiday home via bluetooth and online.
Both the Opak access control and the Dupla lock operate on a 12V electrical power source.

Digital Keypad and Dupla Access Control for Tourist Apartments

Keypad Digit + Electrick Lock Bolt Dupla

With a structure similar to the invisible system, the combination of the Digit keyboard and Dupla electric lock increases the possibilities for the guest.
The holiday home door is opened with the Digit keyboard using a digital code, bluetooth or online.
With this combination of devices, the exterior aesthetics of the door is unchanged and the lock’s mechanical cylinder is maintained. The guest inputs the access code on a keypad outside the accommodation entrance.
Equipped with an output relay, Digit communicates with the Dupla electric lock to unlock it and access the holiday home.
Access control includes a ring function, indicated by a symbol on the keyboard.

Main building door and other pedestrian doors for the holiday home

A recurring problem in managing access to holiday homes is the main building door or entries to common areas in the housing complex and, in fact, any kind of door that guests have to pass through to reach the holiday apartment itself.

The Omnitec Rent&Pass system offers different devices and solutions so holiday home guests can open all the intermediate entry points equipped with an electric lock using their own smartphone, in addition to the apartment door itself.

When deciding whether to install one device or another, there is one very important condition: do we have permission from the community to install a device next to each door? Normally, community regulations do not allow owners to alter common facilities or add their own devices. Rent&Pass can also offer solutions to solve this problem.

Installation in common areas

Keyboard Access Control Digit for Holiday Homes

Keypad Digit

For buildings where it is allowed to install a device next to each access door, the Rent&Pass system offers access control with Digit keypad. This device allows opening by inputting a numeric code or by bluetooth and includes online functionalities, although in communal areas of housing complexes it is not usual to have a Wi-Fi connection.
Connected to the electric door lock, the Digit keyboard allows guests to open the door with the code and the electronic key received on their smartphone (after reserving the holiday home) and access to the apartment door without a traditional key.

Fitting inside the holiday home

Except for communities of owners with very permissive rules and holiday home buildings with a single owner, it is not normally possible to install devices in common areas. For this vast majority of cases, the Omnitec Rent&Pass system proposes:

Online Access Control for Holiday Homes

Online System: Opak + Gateway Online

The Opak access control, together with a Gateway, operates online through the Wi-Fi connection in the holiday home. This connectivity structure allows the guest and the owner to open the access doors to the common areas in the building with their smartphone.
Opak operates by being connected to the door entry phone installed inside the holiday home. Opak receives a signal that sends it to the telephone and the doorphone opens each door in the community.

Motorised doors and garages

In certain types of accommodation, such as chalets, rural houses or whole holiday home buildings, there are garage doors, garden fences and other types of motorised doors the guest needs to open before reaching the direct access door to the accommodation.
For a complete solution providing the guest with a completely satisfying experience, the Rent&Pass system offers solutions for guests and owners to open these doors with an electronic key or numerical code received at the same time as the one for the access door to the holiday home.

Access Control Opak for Holiday Homes

Opak Access Control

Opening via bluetooth or online, this access control is connected to the phone managing the door opening. In the absence of a doorphone, the connection is made directly to the mechanism that activates the opening of each of the motorised doors.

Keyboard Access Control Digit for Holiday Homes

Keypad Digit

The Digit keyboard is installed next to the door and allows the guest to open it using a numerical code, with an electronic key via bluetooth or online from their own smartphone.

If the doors are within the signal range of the Wi-Fi network and the Gateway, both the Opak access control and the Digit keypad can operate online and enjoy all the functions of the Rent&Pass system.

Based on everything developed by the Rent&Pass system, the reality of everyday life is that each holiday home has its own features which can leave owners and managers unsure about which device is best suited to their situation. To resolve this and any other questions that may arise, our team is at your disposal. Please CONTACT >>

If you want to find out more about the Rent&Pass system and its different devices, please continue browsing our website and read more about the Rent&Pass System, the Rent&Pass Devices or download the complete catalogue.