Electrick Lock Bolt Dupla

Automatic bolt with auto expulsion

The DUPLA electric lock combines with the Rent & Pass access controls to form a system for managing access to holiday rental homes.

In combination with a DIGIT access control located at the front door, guests and owners can gain access by numerical code, Bluetooth, remote control or a physical key.

Electric lock bolt with automatic bolt

If the owner looks for an entirely hidden device, the combination of OPAK access control and electric lock provides the solution.

The OPAK access control installed inside the home can be accessed by owner or guest via Bluetooth, online or with a physical key without having to alter the look of the exterior of the holiday rental home.

The installation of a DUPLA electric lock means the existing mechanical cylinder can be kept, for opening with a traditional key to guarantee access at all times.


  • Automatic bolt with auto expulsion.
  • Anti-card security system.
  • Lock with anti-panic system.
  • Adjustment accessories included.
  • Temperature range: -10 to +50°C.
  • Voltage: 12V

Rent&Pass System

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