One of the greatest challenges for office building management is access control. Firstly, it´s necessary to ensure that only authorised personnel enter the building, and then that people do not have access to restricted areas or to information that could compromise the company business.

At Omnitec, we are manufacturers and distributors of access control systems, electronic locks and safes and we offer solutions to equip an office securely.
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Access control in workspaces

OMNITEC offers manual readers combined with different electromechanical devices, access control in installations and other solutions to ensure work spaces.

From small offices to corporate skyscrapers, everyone needs to keep the flow of both internal and external, regular or temporary people, under control. Anyone who accesses for one reason or another must be controlled.

Wall readers combined with different electromechanical devices form the first line of access control, to manage access to the outer perimeter of the facilities (e.g. enclosures, barriers and doors).

work áreas access control

Electronic locks with Bluetooth and proximity, electronic cylinders for doors, turnstiles and gates guarantee the high level of security required in the doors of direct access to the building. Within these facilities, it is also possible to incorporate locks for lockers for employees.

Inside the building, the access plan and must be properly defined and established. Possible examples are the restricted use of lifts, using personally allocated or freely available lockers, the different rooms to which access is allowed and the privileges for the enjoyment of common areas.

Restricting access at a certain time or allowing free passage during working hours are some of the features that Omnitec locks provide.

Security: Office Safes

Safes provide extra security in offices and work areas. They come in different sizes and have opening systems that can be operated with a smartphone, proximity card or a personal numeric code.

Energy savings in the office

Finally, large buildings such as office blocks can save energy using energy savers and sensors to optimise and reduce electricity consumption.