Over 10,000 hotels have implemented the different Omnitec systems and devices to guarantee the highest level of security, satisfaction and comfort for their guests during their stay.

Hotels and hospitality

Tranquility for the guest

Access control systems for hotels and hospitality sector. Over 10.000 hotels have implemented Omnitec Systems access control solutions.

Room access security is critical in the hospitality sector. Electronic locks with encrypted credential reading by proximity or by Bluetooth via smartphones provide the reassurance guests seek and that the hotel wants to provide.

Hotels and hospitality

Combining room control with the control of common areas, main accesses, garages and restricted areas, with everything managed from the same point and integrated with the PMS, is a demand satisfied in facilities entrusted to Omnitec.

A safe in the room improves customer perception of safety and comfort by providing the confidence that their belongings are in safe custody while they are away from the room.

Hotels and hospitality

Having a cold drink or a snack in the room at the right time makes the difference between resting and elevating the guest’s stay to a really enjoyable experience.

Cost savings are a goal in every business. A planned distribution of sensors and economisers reduces electricity consumption by up to 60% without affecting the quality of service perceived by the customer.

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