Incorporating electronic locks and access control devices as part of the guest service guarantees a greater degree of security, satisfaction and convenience during their stay.

At Omnitec Systems, we manufacture and distribute electronic locks, minibars, safes, energy savers, access controls and other hotel technological devices. Everything you need to equip hospitality sector premises with the most innovative solutions.
Hotels and Hospitality Access Control

Peace of mind for the guest

Did you know that more than 10,000 hotels around the world have trusted Omnitec access control solutions? Our access control system is ideal for the hotel and hospitality sector.

Omnitec hotel equipment for security

Security for room access is essential in the hospitality sector. Electronic hotel locks with encrypted credential reading by proximity or Bluetooth via mobile provide the peace of mind the guest is looking for and which the hotel wants to provide.

Hotels and Hospitality Access Control

Combining access control for rooms with common areas access control, main entrances, garages and restricted areas, with PMS integration and everything managed from the same point is a demand which is satisfied in premises that have trusted Omnitec.

A safe in the hotel room improves the customer's perception of safety and convenience, giving them the confidence their belongings are kept secure when they leave the room without them.

Hotels and Hospitality Access Control

Everything for equipping the hotel and its rooms

Having access to a cold drink or snack at the right time makes all the difference while resting in the hotel room, uplifting the experience of guests so they really enjoy their stay. For this, we have hotel minibars with different cooling options, models and sizes.

Also, as in every business, saving energy is an ever-present objective for hotels. Reducing electricity consumption by up to 60% in hotels is possible thanks to a well-planned distribution of sensors and energy savers for hotel rooms.

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