App for opening and managing Bluetooth safes

ExoSafe allows hotel managers to install, manage and maintain the safes installed in their rooms. If there are gateways installed, ExoSafe can also manage the safes remotely.

For the guest, ExoSafe is the Bluetooth key to close the safe. Only the guest and whoever is authorised can open the safe with the app (as can the hotel manager with the master function).

Management, Maintenance, Opening and Closing of the Bluetooth safe via your mobile phone

Your mobile phone uses ExoSafe as the key for opening and closing the safe, for programmers to install and maintain it, in fixed master code management system mode and for single use.

When the Bluetooth safes are connected to Gateways, management and administration operations can be performed from anywhere with an Internet connection.

User profiles

ExoSafe differentiates between two types of users: guests and the hotel administrator:


Once guests have the app on their mobiles, they just need to open it and stand close to the safe.
After detecting the nearest safe, ExoSafe can be used to close it if it is open by sliding the icon that appears on the phone screen. If the safe is closed, it can be opened using the phone that closed it.

If several people share a room, the user who closed the safe can share a code given by the app itself. After entering this code in the app, ExoSafe is enabled for a second phone for shared use of the safe.

Administrator manager

Unlike a guest, the administrator accesses the app by entering a username and password for security purposes.

When opening a session for the first time, the administrator has to create their establishment. After creating the establishment, the main functions available are:

  • Initialise devices: each safe is configured and associated with this administrator.
  • Configure Gateways: Hotels with online functions can add the gateway at any time, not necessarily when configuring the entire centre.
  • Transfer safes: After the safes are installed and configured, the installer transfers control to the manager; whereupon the installer loses all control over those safes.
  • Master code: A common master code for all safes is chosen.

In addition to these general functions, ExoSafe has specific functions for each hotel safe; among which the following can be highlighted:

  • Audits: Lists all safe events.
  • Date/time: Configures and updates the safe time and date to that of the phone.
  • Delete device: Deletes the safe link with the manager and returns to factory mode.
  • X-Master: Provides a master code for single opening of the safe with an associated name for identification in an audit.

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