App for opening and managing Bluetooth safes

ExoSafe allows hotel managers to install, manage and maintain the safes installed in their rooms. If there are gateways installed, ExoSafe can also manage the safes remotely.

For the guest, ExoSafe is the Bluetooth key to close the safe. Only the guest and whoever is authorised can open the safe with the app (as can the hotel manager with the master function).

Ongoing control of the access plan from anywhere

The OMNITEC UpKey app works in addition to the Os Access software in hotel access management.

UpKey turns your Smartphone into an access key, programmer command for installation and maintenance, and a remote integrated management platform for the access plan.

The combination of Os Access software, UpKey app and Gateways gives the hotel a multitude of possibilities in managing the access plan, both in person and remotely, and provides an immediate response under any circumstances..

Absolute Control and Management

For safer access management at the hotel, UpKey works under 3 user profiles:


You can access your room, garage, spa, etc. and open the safe with your Smartphone after receiving the corresponding eKeys.


You have access credentials for you to open and perform daily maintenance on all devices for which you have active credentials.

Once the commissioning of the facility is complete, control of locks, access control and safes are transferred to the administrator.


For full control of the hotel's access plan; controls and manages all devices and access credentials for the entire facility, for both employees and guests.

Administration Functions

Opening record

Lists all openings and attempted openings

Date / Time

Updates the device date and time

Self-closing time

Sets the device self-closing time

Create eKey

Establishes and sends Bluetooth keys

Create Code

Establishes and sends numerical opening codes

Create Card

Sends the proximity card credentials to the device

Manage eKeys

Manages and cancels active eKeys

Manage Codes

Manages and cancels numerical codes

Manage Cards

Manages and cancels active proximity cards

Open Remotely

Remote opening through Gateway.
Requires double validation

Synchronise Codes

Updates active code credentials on a device

Delete Device

Unlinks the user's device and puts it into installation mode

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