Compact Access Control
1,00 € (IVA 0% incluido)
Mifare access control for common areas of the hotel and buildings where an electronic lock can not be installed.
  • Sector: Hotels and Hospitality, Work Areas, Educational Environments, Health Centres, Sport and leisure centers, Institutional Buildings

Discreet, elegant and functional, the OMNITEC Compact access control is the perfect solution for those common, special or restricted areas where the installation of an electronic lock is not possible.

The Compact access controls are integrated in the Omnitec software and allow full control over all access points.

Designed and conceived for use inside a hotel or a building, in access to common areas such as:

  • Elevator.
  • Spa / gym
  • Restaurant.
  • Conference hall.
  • Access to the hotel (reception).

In the Compact model, both the MiFare card reader and the control unit have been integrated into a single device, offering an easy-to-install device.

It includes as standard an anti-humidity rubber gasket to be used in those areas that require it.