Wall Reader Access Control Anti-Vandalism

Secure and versatile wall reader

The Omnitec wall reader Anti-Vandalism access control is a guarantee of maximum security in access control.

With the independent reader unit and control unit, undesired entries are prevented, due to the impossibility of tampering with the controller.

High security Anti-Vandalic access control

The Omnitec Wall Reader Anti-Vandalic access control has been developed for installation at outdoor access points of hotels and buildings such as garages, pools, children’s zones, etc.

The outdoor wall readers, with Mifare technology, are installed at the points of access to the controlled zones (e.g. garage door) and the user opens with a Mifare card, the same card used for the room in hotels.

The additional security is provided by the location of the access control unit, which is installed in a controlled zone by own personnel, distant from the reader unit. With this structure, no one from outside the hotel or the company can tamper with the control unit.

A control unit manages 2 relays with 2 wall readers by relay simultaneously and has a 12V battery integrated to guarantee the continuity of operation of the system in the event of possible electrical power cuts.

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