Emergency Push Button
Emergency Push Button

Push button to request assistance from hotel staff in an emergency. These systems were traditionally designed for bathrooms in the room, but are increasingly common in different parts of rooms and adapted for physically handicapped people.

When the alert is triggered, the button transmits the message to the wireless economiser which, in turn, transmits it to the coordinator through the network of wireless devices, which sends it to the software, usually managed at reception. Different warning systems ensure that hotel staff receive the warning to implement their action protocols.

The Wireless Emergency button is designed for installations that have a complete ECO NET network managed from reception with specific software.

Overlaid device, simple installation attached or screwed.


  • Possibility of several push buttons per room.
  • 10m coverage to the Wireless economiser.
  • IEEE802.15.4 wireless communication.
  • Dimensions 100 x 100 x 25mm.
  • Power supply with lithium battery 3V CR2450 (not replaceable).
  • 10-year autonomy.
  • Temperature range: -10° to 50°C.