Software Eco·Net
Software Eco·Net

The combination of wireless devices and all their advantages, with a network of coordinators and energy management software provides the hotel with comprehensive and powerful centralised control on the reception PC.

In the wireless network ECO • NET, the management and control software acts as the backbone of the network of energy savers, sensors and coordinators installed in the building.

Software Eco·Net main features:

  • Modular system with possibility of installing in the cloud and local server.
  • Double database system, REDIS and MySQL, to ensure quick communication and persistence in the data.
  • RabbitMQ message queuing system software, used by popular messaging systems such as Twitter or Facebook.
  • Secure communication, occurring both locally and externally. Security certificates and secure ports are used for access from the outside.
  • System optimised to be used with browsers such as Chrome and Firefox.
  • Development under free software, Linux.

Main advantages and their most notable features:

Remote monitoring of room conditions:

  • Motion control: Room free or occupied by guests or employees.
  • Management of emergency alerts: Alerts received from each room on the screen through messages emerging and in parallel by email.
  • Rooms ready to be used: Shows the rooms ready to be occupied by guests.
  • Errors: Rooms with a pending repair error are shown in red.
  • Door open alarm: A warning is received if the door is open.

Remote control of the room:

  • Turn off lights or air conditioning individually, by zones or by floors.
  • Set maximum and minimum comfort temperature for summer and winter.
  • Set maximum and minimum temperature regardless of that indicated on the room thermostat.
  • Extend the expiry date of the card.

Remote maintenance:

  • Sensor battery status report.
  • Error communication report.
  • Room breakdown warnings via fault cards.

Customised reports:

  • Consumption per room.
  • List of rooms ready to be used.
  • Time spent by the employee in the room.
  • Relay activation time.
  • List of rooms with low batteries or with communication error.