Energy Saver Simple

Energy saver for hotel rooms

The OMNITEC ECO energy saving range is a series of independent energy saver that can save you up to 30% in electricity consumption in the rooms where they are installed.

The energy saver Simple operates with any card.

Energy saver devices reduce up to 30% electricity consumption

In its commitment to energy saving, Omnitec offers hotels a simple and affordable hotel energy saver, without this reducing capacity to minimize electricity consumption.

In standard conditions of use, consumption is reduced up to 30% with this simple energy economizer.

The Simple model is the most basic and simplest of the energy savers range.

  • Recessed model.
  • 1 output relay.
  • Courtesy light: 15-30 seconds.
  • Charge current: 16A.
  • LED indicator.
  • Available in different colours.