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Electronic Locks for Modern Infrastructures: Innovation in Access Control

Access control solutions adapted to today. Technology, design, safety and sustainability.

Electronic Locks for Modern Infrastructures: Innovation in Access Control

The advances of recent years in terms of technology, design and sustainability have given rise to increasingly modern infrastructures. Accessible, comfortable and secure, current infrastructures now demand greater innovation, for example, in key management.

This means that traditional physical keys, which we have always used to open the doors of our houses and hotel rooms, are now obsolete. Electronic locks are here to stay.

These new types of locks are different and are a much more complete, efficient alternative. In addition to guaranteeing access security, they are ideally adapted to the needs of today's infrastructures.

If you want to find out more, this post tells you everything you need to know about this innovation in access control.

Omnitec electronic locks: technology and types

If we are experts in this field, it is because at Omnitec our business is to manufacture and distribute different types of electronic hotel locks. These offer not only a high level of security, but also seamless integration in today's modern access management systems.

These models are suitable for any building, due to the technologies they incorporate, such as:

  • Bluetooth: This technology has led to so many significant advances; for example, we can now open door locks from our own mobile phones, which would have been unthinkable just a few years ago.
  • Proximity and RFID systems: Proximity sensors and smart tags also facilitate this kind of opening using MiFare proximity cards, keychains, bracelets or any type of support with an RFID antenna.

Furthermore, to reinforce the security of any area, our electronic locks can be combined with access and movement control systems, ideal for monitoring common areas and managing entry and exit authorisation for certain users in a location.

Advantages of electronic locks over physical ones

If you have read our article about changing from key locks to electronic locks, you already know that this is a pretty smart decision.

Electronic locks have represented a true paradigm shift over traditional physical locks. Among other advantages, they have allowed us to put an end to the many headaches of lost, stolen or duplicate keys, as well as other unauthorised access problems.

If electronic locks are notable for anything, it is because they offer so much more flexibility and adaptability for accessing different locations; guaranteeing their efficiency and improved security.

Furthermore, these solutions not only improve security and access management, but also offer significant economic savings in all types of buildings.

Examples of electronic locks used in infrastructures

Where is it feasible to opt for electronic locks? The convenience of this solution is a big advantage for any infrastructure; however, there are other reasons why they are especially useful:

Raising the bar for access management

In short, choose an Omnitec electronic lock and you will be choosing efficient access management for your business or home. In addition, our team has been working for over 15 years to find numerous security solutions adapted to the needs of our customers.

We can also offer safes, access controls, movement sensors, minibars and other devices, designed for different sectors.

If you are interested in finding out a little more about our solutions with product demonstrations, please contact Omnitec Systems and send us any questions you may have. We are here to help you!