Access control systems for gyms

Access Control System for Gyms and Sports Centres

What access control systems are there for sports centres?

Access Control System for Gyms and Sports Centres

As summer approaches, overcrowding in sports centres and gyms is becoming more and more frequent. To handle these peaks of traffic, it is becoming increasingly important to have the most advanced and secure technology. Devices for rapid reading of credentials are one of the most effective solutions for access control in sports facilities; whether clubs, sports centres, gyms or even swimming pools.

From fingerprints to facial recognition, access management and control software is constantly evolving, adapting to the changing times. If your sports centre needs a control system, at Omnitec we are at the forefront for this type of solution.

Types of access control systems for gyms

Is overcrowding frequent in your gym, especially at the times of greatest influx? This is an increasing problem in sports and leisure centres alike. Fortunately, the solution is clear: implement an efficient control system for sports centres.

In general, these are paid services, so users access the facilities through turnstiles that control their entry. In many cases, these devices are now obsolete and an updating to higher level of control and security is necessary.

At Omnitec Systems, we have extensive experience in this sector and can offer you the following different solutions to manage customer access to your gym:

  • Opening by code. Our access and presence control devices let you monitor the main entrance to your gym. In this case, users only have to enter a unique code to be able to enter the facilities without any problems.
  • Opening via mobile phone. Using only their mobile, customers can enter the centre; this is one of the most advanced solutions for your control system.
  • Pedestrian access control. If you are looking for a more traditional way to manage access, our pedestrian access control devices are your best ally, while users can enter using their usual cards. We will study the needs of your project and will help you choose the best option: whether half-height, full-height or tripod gates or turnstiles.
  • Electronic locks for private areas. To prevent your customers from making mistakes and entering private rooms in your gym, we recommend choosing good electronic door locks.

Smart lockers for gyms

Once inside the gym, users will need to find a safe place to leave their belongings. In fact, they may be willing to pay more for additional services, such as internal lockers. Thus, for a small additional fee, they will never have to worry again if almost all the lockers are occupied on the busiest days.

To improve customer experience and increase the security of your gym, we recommend installing smart lockers. The lockers with electronic lock are now essential in the world of electronic commerce, and can have many different applications.

If you are thinking of installing smart lockers in your gym for your customers or workers, here we tell you about some of their advantages:

  • Easy opening. Smart lockers have the most intuitive opening systems, so sports centre users will have no problem using them.
  • Greater security. By installing this type of solution, you will be offering your customers a much more secure system that will make any theft almost impossible.
  • Cleaner lockers. Smart lockers are meant for personal use and are not shared by different users, thus minimising cleaning-related problems.
  • Better brand image. Trying to meet the needs of your customers improves their experience. A satisfied user is synonymous with a good corporate image and this, in turn, can attract new users.

Whether opening by code, mobile phone or even remotely, Omnitec offers a wide variety of locks for smart lockers: The safe, effective and profitable solution for the needs of your sports centre.