Apartment locks

Best Code Locks for Apartments and Rentals

These are the advantages of apartment code locks

Best Code Locks for Apartments and Rentals

Tourism has changed significantly in recent decades and the profile of the connected traveller is increasingly more common. The connected traveller is someone who is up to date with new technologies and who wants to be well-looked after and find themselves in a soothing environment when travelling, which begins on closing the door of their own house and ends on their return home. Thus, first impressions when arriving at tourist accommodation are crucial.

One of the experiences most valued by tourists today is is flexibility when arriving and leaving their accommodation. So smart locks in tourist apartments, which let travellers arrive when they like, are a success. The traveller and accommodation owner do not have to meet beforehand to hand over the keys; guests can settle in when they like without having to watch the clock.

One of the safest technologies on the market, much appreciated by owners and guests, are code locks for holiday apartments. The person who makes the booking receives a numerical key safely by email or mobile phone as their "electronic key" during their stay. The owner can manage both the arrival and departure remotely and, thus, offer greater time flexibility and independence for travellers.

Some advantages of code locks for apartments

The success of this system, now present in many holiday accommodation centres, is based on its simplicity; it is also extremely secure. Below are some of its most outstanding advantages:

Accessibility by opening with a numerical code

This feature makes it highly accessible for almost any traveller profile, including those who are not very familiar with technology. When making the reservation, the traveller receives a code to use without needing any app: the code is entered on the apartment electronic lock as if it were a safe.

Flexibility on arrival and departure

One of the most important advantages of code locks for apartments is that guests have complete freedom to arrive whenever they want after the check-in time. This is particularly useful when travelling by car or if you are delayed. The owner does not have to be notified beforehand about the arrival time, as is necessary with traditional keys, unless there is a security key box.

Security Key Box from Omnitec

Owner's remote control

The process is also very simple for the accommodation owner: once the reservation is confirmed, guests are sent the code, whose validity will depend on the reservation contracted. In other words, it will be switched on at the check-in time and will stop working at the check-out time. If any change occurs, the administrator can easily assign a new code or cancel it using a computer or mobile phone.

Greater security than a conventional key

Having a numerical code is a bit like the apartment owner changing the lock for each new guest. There are no problems with lost or copied keys, as well as the added convenience of not having to go to the apartment to deliver the keys or pick them up. Cleaning and maintenance staff can also be given a permitted time to enter the holiday home when their services are required.

FLAT 2 electronic lock for tourist apartments: a more technological solution

The property owner can get even more out of smart key technology by allowing the guest to open the holiday home using the Omnitec Rent&Pass app, via Bluetooth, from their mobile phone. Thus, the administrator can choose either a numerical code or this possibility, depending on their preferences or the client profile.

FLAT 2 Code Lock for Apartments by Omnitec

A good example is our FLAT 2 electronic apartment lock model, one of the most successful options for this type of holiday home among property owners, as either a numerical code or a ‘digital key’ from the guest's mobile phone can be used.

This apartment code lock is autonomous and powered by alkaline batteries. The administrator can manage permissions online for guests and workers, whether permanent, temporary, cyclical, daily, by time slot or single-use access. Find out more about this and other options in our holiday home access control section.