Access control for hospitals

Access control system for hospitals: Security for health centres

What access control options ensure security in the healthcare sector?

Access control system for hospitals: Security for health centres

Since Covid swept across the planet three years ago, security breaches in medical centres have soared. This problem is causing increasing concern among companies in the health sector, especially regarding the sensitivity of the data they work with; this has led to a rise in investment in security.

Many factors come into play in the security of a hospital, whether public or private. Without doubt, access control is one of the most important, since thousands of people pass through these centres every day: patients, staff, suppliers and visitors.

This entails risks that must be reduced by using systems capable of removing threats to the safety of staff, patients and buildings.

In this article, we tell you about the best access control systems for hospitals.

Advantages of a good security system in a hospital

Generally, hospitals are large premises, with several floors, areas and rooms; all with different needs. This is why it is essential to control the access doors to each area.

Health centres also have machinery, confidential data, personal reports, medicines and drugs. These are all important assets which must be protected from theft and disasters.

Advantages of a good security system in a hospital

A hospital environment provides easy access for workers, long- and short-stay patients, visitors and other external services. However, there are also restricted areas and hygienic and differentiated areas depending on the pathologies.

With such confluence, there is an obvious need for access control systems that offer high security guarantees while being flexible in the face of widely diverging needs.

Installing good access control in hospitals or health centres can restrict entry into sensitive areas, prevent all kinds of theft and protect employees and patients.

Security and access control solutions for hospitals

Access to medicines, cabinets, drawers, lockers and doors, among others, can be managed with different control systems, such as smart locks or boxes. At Omnitec, we are professionals in the security sector and offer a wide range of access solutions for healthcare centres.

Electronic locks

If you are looking for efficient access control for hospitals, electronic locks are essential for your security system. RFID locks use smart cards, and can protect hospital medicines, sensitive medical supplies and records.

Omnitec locks are based on the latest technology and can be opened with a mobile via Bluetooth, a proximity card or also via a keyboard.

Access control and movement sensors

In hospitals, access control systems and movement sensors manage unattended main entrances, common and sensitive areas or any other area with access restrictions.

Omnitec access control devices offer functions such as locker control via code or Bluetooth, movement sensors and staff permit revalidation.

Good access control in lifts is also important; this feature is often overlooked in security systems.

Locker systems

For hospital staff, patients and visitors to feel they have left their belongings in a safe place, it is important to take care of the security of lockers in health centres.

Omnitec lockers and furniture locks can be connected online or be standalone; they can be opened via smart card, Bluetooth or a combination of both.

As can be seen, the best medical care is in vain if the safety of patients and people attending the hospital is not guaranteed. Find out about the services that Omnitec Systems offer and enjoy the peace of mind and confidence our access control solutions for the health sector provide.