Access control in lifts

The 2 main ways to install access control in lifts

Lifts are often overlooked in security plans. Find out about their importance.

The 2 main ways to install access control in lifts

Lifts are often forgotten about in security plans. It is rare for any type of accreditation or credential to be requested when accessing a certain floor; however, it is a quick, discreet way to access areas that may be restricted.

Therefore, lifts are now beginning to be controlled in the most diverse facilities, such as hotels or office buildings, with permissions granted to limit their general use or access to certain floors.

At Omnitec, we provide security solutions for hotels, offices, shopping centres and institutional buildings such as lift access controls, which are common in buildings connected to a car park, for example. If it is not an exclusive car park for the hotel or the block, lift door access controls should be installed so that only guests can access the hall and the different floors.

Similarly, if a hotel has a floor not occupied by rooms, for example, for offices or maintenance reasons, access can be restricted and limited to workers only. This can work in the same way in office buildings, so that only staff members have access to a floor where its facilities are located.

Lift Access Control

Omnitec's lift access control system has a modern, minimalist design.

The two main options for lift access control are explained below. The one that best suits the needs recorded in the building or hotel security plan can be chosen:

1. Replacing the button with a card reader

In most hotels, simply calling the lift is enough to gain access to room floors, with the control of people using them being entrusted to security or reception staff. However, another layer of control can be added by replacing the lift button with a card reader so that only people with credentials can enter. This can be used, for example, in hotels connected to garages or those with a restaurant or cafeteria open to the public, when people who are not guests can pass through freely.

To use the lift, therefore, you must have a card with the permissions enabled:

  • Hotel guests receive this card at Reception when they check-in. It provides permissions to call the lift and open their hotel room electronic lock. These permissions are removed at the end of their stay.
  • Workers or suppliers can also have a card to access the floors they need.

Omnitec's access control system can use a Mifare card and mobile phone Bluetooth technology, after permission to call the lift has been granted. Thus, each facility can choose the most appropriate system for its users.

2. System limiting access to certain floors

Another way to improve access security is by limiting access to certain floors. Thus, this system limits use to only those buttons which are allowed. For example, a guest in room 504 can access the 5th floor, but not the 4th; or a floor where boilers are located can be accessed only by maintenance personnel with permission to enter.

This system is also very useful in office blocks; limiting workers to their own floor, unless they have permission to use others.

If you want more information about this access control system, which can be installed with minimal intervention on the lift panel, please feel free to contact our team.