Electronic locks for outdoors

Electronic locks for outdoors: Resistance to water, humidity, cold and extreme heat

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Electronic locks for outdoors: Resistance to water, humidity, cold and extreme heat

Greater access control, savings in maintenance and replacement, efficient processes and security are just some of the advantages of electronic locks. Although we usually see them indoors, for example in hotels, student residences or public centres, this technology can also be implemented outdoors, with models specifically designed for this.

In this article, we list the most common features of electronic locks for outdoors: more robust and resistant, able to withstand the rain, humidity and extreme temperatures in winter and summer.

What are outdoor electronic locks?

Outdoor electronic locks are designed to withstand the adverse conditions of external elements. They can work without problems even in high and low temperatures, water, wind and humidity.

Main features of outdoor locks

  • Robustness and strength, due to their materials, such as stainless steel and polycarbonate.
  • Dust resistance: the locks are tested to prevent the entry of solid matter.
  • Resistance to humidity: they are also designed to withstand humidity and contact with water, including rain.
  • A series of seals are employed to make the lock watertight.
  • There are some locks specially designed for extreme heat or cold, with internal cooling or heating systems.
  • Outdoor electronic locks can have different types of opening technologies. The most common ones are by proximity card, mobile phone Bluetooth technology and a numerical code. Other types of access control can also be used, such as biometric systems and fingerprints.

OS SLIM XTRM: The most resistant version in the range

Our Omnitec catalogue of electronic locks contains the XTRM version of the OS SLIM model, the most resistant of the All-Weather range. Features to highlight include:

  • Manufactured in AISI 316 stainless steel, according to the American Iron and Steel Institute system.
  • IP54 certification for protection against dust and humidity.
  • Escutcheon-door sealing gasket.
  • Narrow profile styled escutcheon.
  • Straight line design, for a timeless image.

Apart from its robustness and strength, the OS SLIM XTRM electronic lock is notable for its advanced technological functions, such as unlimited auditing, and its narrow, linear profile design and slender, minimalist aesthetic. This quality is highly appreciated by architects and designers, as the robustness of the system is not at odds with the elegance of its design.

Digit: outdoor access control with optional cover

Another possibility is the adaptation of the Digit access control system for hotels and offices with a cover protecting it from direct rain, making it suitable for outdoor use. This is a strong device, designed to control doors and exterior access to buildings, garages, office buildings, work floors or common areas in hotels. The optional cover protection is ideal if the device is not sheltered from the rain.