Smart key box with code and Bluetooth

The smart key box: a practical, secure solution for the holiday rentals sector

Convenience and security in your property with the Omnitec key safe box

The smart key box: a practical, secure solution for the holiday rentals sector

Keys, along with mobile phones, are among the belongings most frequently lost. You only have to visit your local lost property office to confirm it. And losing your house keys is a major hassle. But what happens if the keys you lose are someone else's? The problems multiply!

Thus, a key lock box has become one of the most effective solutions for the hotel and holiday rental sector, along with apartment code locks. They are so successful that, at Omnitec, we didn’t hesitate for a second in opting for the smart key box; it has so many more advantages than the traditional mechanical model.

What is a smart key lock box?

A smart key box is a small electronic key safe for leaving a set of keys which can be installed next to the door of any home, such that only certain people can have access to it. Using a unique code, owners or guests can open this key box and securely take out their keys.

Each user can also be assigned temporary or individual opening codes, depending on the length of their stay; so it is ideal for holiday rentals.

Unlike its mechanical counterpart, a smart key lock box uses Bluetooth or Wi-Fi technology and is controlled via a mobile application, for easy access management to properties, without the need for face-to-face interaction. Also, the system needs no specific handling to change the code for every new tenant: this is all done digitally.

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Advantages of having a smart key box

If you have a rental home on the beach, you may not always be available to meet your guests if you live a long way away. A similar situation occurs with the Airbnb self check-in, to which we dedicated a previous post.

In fact, a smart key box is one of the best options for handing over the keys; providing flexibility as well as the following advantages:

  • Remote Access: Forget juggling your time to arrange personal meetings: with a smart key box, your guests can have access anytime, anywhere.
  • Greater security: A key box lets you assign codes unique to each user via an app. This ensures that permission to open is given only to those authorised during a specific period of time.
  • Flexibility: A key lock box lets you set specific access time slots for your guests, which is useful if they are arriving at unusual times, such as overnight. In addition, you can manage an unlimited number of users.
  • Hassle-free experience: Have you ever rented an apartment yourself? Think how convenient it would have been simply to arrive there and not have to wait for keys to be handed over to you. This system makes the experience of your guests much more flexible and positive, with them even being able to gain access via their mobiles.
  • Transparency: Smart key boxes keep a detailed record of each access, so you will always know who has accessed your property.
  • Convenience: If a problem arises or a change needs to be made, travelling to the apartment is not necessary; as the device can be controlled from your own mobile phone.

Alternatives to smart key storage

As specialists in electronic locks, we know the hotel and tourism sector first-hand; which is why we are aware of the importance of property security.

Thus, to guarantee security, our catalogue offers different types of solutions for apartments. Some of these are highlighted below:

  • The Flat 2, electronic lock: Designed above all for holiday rental apartments with a high guest turnover. Once a reservation is confirmed, you can use the Rent&Pass system to send a valid electronic key for the dates contracted.
  • The Gateway: This device converts our best keypad locks into online devices, so you can manage them remotely.

Get a smart key box from Omnitec

If you are looking for a convenient, effective solution for your apartment, our KeySafe security key box will save you from having to personally meet your guests to give them the keys; this is a highly valued option in the holiday sector. Our product is designed for holiday rentals and small hotels without a 24-hour reception, as well as other properties.

Placed on your door, this is a modern, convenient, stress-free solution for your tenants; making them want to stay in your property again.

In addition, you will be greatly enhancing the security of your apartment. Contact our team now: with no commitment on your part, we will offer you advice on the most appropriate solution to enhance the security of your apartment.