Airbnb self check-in system

Self Check-In for Airbnb: What it is and how you can offer it for your holiday home

How to manage remote key delivery to your guests?

Self Check-In for Airbnb: What it is and how you can offer it for your holiday home

Have you ever had to change your plans according to your guests' timetable? Even completely wasting your time because their trip was finally delayed and you couldn't meet at the agreed time?

For a while now, these problems have been largely a thing of the past due to self check-in. This system is used especially on tourist rental platforms like Airbnb.

But what does this self check-in consist of? If you have a holiday home, you must be wondering how you can offer it to your guests. Here, we tell you all about it!

What Airbnb self check-in is

It basically consists of simplifying guest arrival at the apartment. It means owners don’t have to meet their guests personally to hand over the keys, but use an automated system instead. Thus, guests gain access to the tourist accommodation completely independently.

The 3 most common self-check-in options for Airbnb are smart lock boxes or locks and keypad locks.

What are the advantages of a self check-in?

There are many advantages, both for tourist accommodation guests and owners:

  • Flexibility. The self-check system gives both guests and owners complete time flexibility. The former can arrive when they want and the latter does not have to make a special journey.
  • Easy installation. Many tourist accommodation owners have not changed to this system because they believe it is complex. However, it is actually very easy to configure as well as increasing security in your property.
  • Convenience. Remote management of key delivery is more convenient for guests, who can enter the accommodation without having to concern themselves with arranging a time to receive the keys.
  • Value for money. Many self check-in systems are actually very cheap, and save money in the travel costs meeting guests in person.

Self check-in options for your holiday home

Security key-boxes

You leave your apartment keys inside a security box opened by a numerical code that you choose and share with your guests just before they arrive. This standalone entry system is easily installed by hanging from a doorknob or by being fixed to the wall.

Omnitec key safe box for self check-in at arrival

The codes you send to each guest are different, so there is nothing to worry about. Omnitec’s key safe box also include electronic keys, which you can control at all times.

Electronic Locks

Smart or electronic locks are devices installed on the door of your home which the guests unlock with their mobile or via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or proximity control.

This technology is growing all the time and we at Omnitec offer a wide range of electronic locks. For a house or an apartment, we recommend the FLAT 2 smart lock; very useful and popular with guests.

Keypad locks

Apartment code locks are an increasingly popular way to access your apartment. The person making the reservation receives a numeric code by email or on their mobile. This is their "master key" to open the door throughout their trip. Security is guaranteed, since the code stops being valid when the guests leave.

Once again, we recommend the FLAT 2 smart lock, since it offers different opening methods: code, Bluetooth and Online.

Omnitec's FLAT 2 self check-in lock

The owner can manage both their arrival and departure remotely; thus offering more independence and flexibility.

Make it easy for your guests with remote key delivery management

If you are the owner of tourist accommodation and are tired of the lack of flexibility of traditional systems, we strongly recommend you change to a self check-in system.

And we can help you do it! At Omnitec, we are specialists in holiday apartment remote management, and can offer you our Rent&Pass service. This is a remote management system that means you, as the owner, no longer have to meet your guest to hand over the keys.

Once the reservation is confirmed, you only have to send your guest an electronic key valid for the days arranged, and have peace of mind during your guest’s stay!

And of course, don't forget to tell them on your advert that it’s a self-check in system; then watch your bookings go up and up!