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Top 4 Best Keypad Locks

Security and convenience with Omnitec keypad locks

Top 4 Best Keypad Locks

Did you know that keypad locks have gained much in popularity in recent years due to their practicality? It is a complete security solution that provides both peace of mind and a healthy dose of convenience in our daily lives.

As specialists in code locks for apartments, hotels, lockers and any other type of enclosed location, we at Omnitec are going to explore everything you need to know about keypad locks in this article and show you how they can help improve your security systems.

What are keypad locks?

Keypad locks are security systems to access certain areas using a numeric keypad instead of a physical key.

You simply enter a personal code on the lock keypad, whereupon it unlocks immediately (if correct, of course).

As one of the best ways to maintain security in a hotel, it has become a widely adopted solution in the hospitality sector. It has also been extended to the security systems of companies in other areas, as well as becoming popular in ticket offices and homes, for example.

Advantages of keypad locks

Keypad locks offer a number of significant advantages which have led to their widespread popularity among home and business owners. Some of these are:

  • Greater security: Keypad locks offer an extra level of security. Access codes can be easily customised and changed, so passwords can be updated regularly to minimise the risk of anyone else gaining unauthorised access. At Omnitec, our keypad locks also have auto-locking features; ensuring the door closes and locks after a pre-set period of time.
  • Shared access: Do you need to provide access to different groups of people, such as customers, service personnel, family members or friends? Using keypad lock codes, you can request unique access for each individual, allowing them to enter the area without any need for physical keys. Also, these codes can be easily changed or deleted if permission needs to be revoked.
  • Activity log: Our keypad locks come with activity logging, so you can track who has entered and left the premises. This can be especially useful in business settings or when you need to monitor access to your home.

The best keypad locks

At Omnitec, we offer a wide range of electronic locks, which can be opened with a keypad, a mobile phone or proximity card, which can be tailored to all types of facilities.

Our keypad lock models are a great option for the high levels of security demanded by hotels and offices, both mechanically and electronically, and our goal is to make your guests and employees feel comfortable and safe.

1. OS-SLIM CODE Electronic Lock for Hotels

Electronic keypad lock for hotel OS-SLIM CODE

Our OS-SLIM CODE electronic lock for hotels has a high technological level, and can be opened in a number of ways: via Bluetooth, a Mifare proximity card, a gateway and, of course, by numeric code.

This is one of Omnitec's most versatile models with an elegant narrow profile design that adds a touch of sophistication to the doors.

2. FLAT 2 Electronic Keypad Lock

Keypad lock for hotels FLAT 2

Designed to be customised to the existing door mechanics and to modernise any door, the FLAT 2 electronic lock offers a very practical and secure access control system. In addition to using a numeric code, it can be opened by Bluetooth or Mifare proximity card.

This model has a remote management system which is very useful for small hotels with no Reception, rural houses or other decentralised tourist apartments.

3. Lockerfy Electronic Lock for Lockers

Keypad Lock for Locker Lockerfy

Do you need a solution for your employees or customers to store their belongings in the office? The Lockerfy electronic lock for lockers is ideal for companies, spas, gyms, hotels, educational centres and shops.

It has an external keypad to enter the access code, but can also be opened with Bluetooth or by proximity card to make it more secure. It has a secure, simple and very intuitive system which can be used in lockers, drawers and other furniture types. There is also an emergency opening option in case its battery runs out.

Also ideal for lockers is the elegantly designed keyboard style lock, which has a simple, card-free management system, operating only by code.

4. KeySafe Secure Key Holder

Keybox with keypad

Another of Omnitec's star products with a keyboard is KeySafe, which is a security key box that you can control and manage remotely via our Rent&Pass system. If you have a tourist home, this system is a very practical way to simplify things for you while leaving your guests satisfied.

How does it work? As the owner, you have full control over the electronic keys and codes sent to each guest. Once the codes have expired or been deleted, the guest will be unable to open the key box unless they receive a new valid code.

Omnitec code locks

Remember that we at Omnitec are professionals in the security sector and can offer you the best products. Our objective is none other than to respond to the current demand of the hospitality sector with simple and, above all, efficient solutions.