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How to equip a holiday home to attract guests?

Take note of these tips on amenities for holiday apartments

How to equip a holiday home to attract guests?

If you have a holiday home, you already know the work that goes into it: From managing each entrance and exit of guests to installing a smart lock to improve security, while taking care of even the smallest details and equipping the home as it should be.

We have all booked a holiday home at one time or another and been very happy to find all the essentials waiting for us. If this hasn't happened to you, that's because the owner may not have read a post like this!

Without doubt, the amenities in a holiday apartment are what make the difference between a good guest review and an excellent one. If your intention is for your guests' opinions to be the best possible, we recommend you pay attention to this article.

Here we explain to you what kind of items really matter for guests; the ones that make your guests not only go away grateful, but wanting to return.

Holiday apartment amenities

When making a holiday booking, surely everyone first of all checks the apartment description; to make sure, for example, that it has sheets and towels and that you don't have to bring them with you. This is something we all usually do, and we also try and stay in a home that offers us the best facilities and comfort.

Bearing this in mind, now do you understand how important it is that the amenities in your holiday home are good enough to differentiate yourself from the competition?

Room by room, below we provide a checklist to remind you of the most important items:

  • Kitchen: As a minimum, it should have the basic appliances; that is, a fridge, microwave, washing machine and a cooker, of course; enough cooking utensils, pots and pans; a complete set of dishes, taking into account the maximum number of guests who can rent it; a coffee maker, kettle and some food basics that every kitchen has, like oil, salt and sugar.
  • Bathroom: Basic personal hygiene products, like toilet paper, soap, gel, along with a hair dryer, are some of the basic amenities for a bathroom.
  • Bedrooms: There should be enough bedding, blankets and towels for all guests.
  • Common áreas: TV, Wi-Fi, adequate air conditioning, cleaning products and, most importantly, a good security system at the door with, at least, one safe inside.

Advantages of offering good equipment

Of course, filling the apartment with such items helps make the experience much more comfortable and satisfying for guests.

Among the advantages of offering good equipment for your guests are:

  • A consequent increase in customer satisfaction.
  • Improved reputation for your establishment online, with more positive comments and favourable reviews.
  • The loyalty of your customers; giving guests an incentive to return to your home another time.
  • The possibility of justifying a slightly higher price for the apartment, given the amount of amenities it provides.
  • Increased security for your guests during their stay, while providing protection for your holiday home against theft.

Items that make a difference for guests

As mentioned above, equipping a holiday apartment with sufficient amenities and comforts can provide a huge competitive advantage.

We also recommend you offer your guests the possibility of a self-check-in, so, when entering your apartment the first time, they don’t need to meet you in person. This is great for both them and you, being synonymous with absolute flexibility.

There are several alternatives for this: you can opt for the advantages of a smart key box, apartment code locks or any of the electronic locks from Omnitec Systems.

If you are looking for items for guests and amenities for holiday apartments, take a look at our product catalogue. In addition to locks, you can find all kinds of security solutions so that the protection of your apartment is effective and comprehensive.

If you have any questions or would like us to advise you on equipment for your holiday home, please don’t hesitate to contact our team. We are here to help you!