Budgeting for electronic locks

Budgeting to update the locks in a hotel or office

The factors influencing how much you spend on electronic locks.

Budgeting to update the locks in a hotel or office

What do you need to know when preparing a costing for electronic locks in hotels or other establishments? In this article, we address the factors that influence the pricing of these access systems at Omnitec, with more than 25 years of experience and a presence in 70 countries.

1. New door or just a lock replacement?

In most facilities with electronic locks already installed, you do not have to change the door, which greatly reduces costs, especially in large hotels. Some hotel complexes, however, do opt for a complete refurbishment, changing both doors and locks, as this gives them a wider range of options to choose from, such as whether to have the OS SLIM or EVO model design locks.

Wherever it is possible to maintain the existing mechanics of previous electronic locks, the intervention is minimal, since you can install models such as the Fit-In, which is especially designed for renewing mechanical locks (electronic privacy), or the SLIM, which provides mechanical and electronic privacy.

After installing electronic locks, so that doors still look as new, there is the possibility of installing a trim that covers the holes made. At Omnitec we have stainless steel and methacrylate trims.

Electronic lock for room hotel door

If the door has a mechanical key fitting, an electronic cylinder can still be used. Minimum installation allows conventional mechanisms to be converted into smart doors. Of course, this system is not the one usually adopted in hotels with lots of rooms.

2. Electronic lock model

Another factor that influences the cost of electronic locks is the model chosen. Before opting for one or the other, you should know that there are different types of opening format, such as card, Bluetooth or code.

The cheapest options are the Gaudi - lock - a -sober, robust and easy to install lock, which is exceptional value for money - and the aforementioned Fit-In, which also takes advantage of the mechanics of previous installations.

Then there is the elegant OS-SLIM, which is notable both for its features and narrow profile design, and it now has a version that can be opened by code, the OS-SLIM CODE. Finally, for those with a bigger budget, we have the EVO high-performance electronic lock, which combines a minimalist design with the latest technology on the market.

Also, the purchase volume can influence the cost, although at Omnitec we already provide a fairly competitive price.

3. Management software

The cost also depends on the software chosen for access management. In fact, Omnitec offers its customers a free option, the Rent&Pass access management app; soon to be updated with improvements. It has a Pro version that lets you check in online and other more advanced payment features.

Of course, this option is recommended only for small hotels, those without a 24-hour reception, rural tourism accommodation, boutique hotels and other establishments with fewer than 20 rooms.

Due to their size, other hotels require server software, such as the OS ACCESS access control software, which meets the most demanding technical requirements of hotels and allows optimisation of access credential and hotel security management, with features such as the Cloud server, opening alerts and remote management.

4. Installation

Finally, in some cases, Omnitec can offer the installation service in Spain or through our distributors abroad, although the product can also be installed by a maintenance team or third party.

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