The most popular electronic locks for their design

The design electronic lock chosen by architects

The minimalism of EVO or the elegance of OS-SLIM? Design electronic locks.

The design electronic lock chosen by architects

Did you know that design is one of the most valued factors in a hotel room? When the external amenities, the architecture of the building, the reception area and the cafes/bars make an impression on the guest this is undoubtedly a plus point for the accommodation. However, what really makes the difference is the room, where guests take their rest; here, every detail counts.

This time we are going to talk about the design some of our most valued electronic locks: OS-SLIM and EVO. Without forgetting that the main function of electronic locks is to guarantee security, through opening systems such as Bluetooth, proximity cards or numerical code, a good design is always appreciated, especially by hotel architects and designers (as well as by the guests, of course). Let's have a look at these two models!

The EVO electronic lock: its minimalism and subtlety

Electronic Lock EVO

The Omnitec EVO electronic lock is a common option for hotels looking for high technological features combined with a minimalist image. What is most striking about this lock is that its mechanisms, electronics and batteries are located inside the door. The only visible components are the handle, the keyholes and the reader (for opening via Bluetooth and Smartphone or with a MiFare proximity card). Depending on the chosen configuration, no part of the electronic lock affects the decorative concept of the inside of the door or the room.

Its extremely minimalist design and subtle technological components, makes this model one of the most suitable for hotels with a classic or vintage-inspired décor, where a normal electronic lock may clash with the style. The door handle, for example, can be customised with elegant finishes like gold, copper or bronze, or stainless steel or black for the most avant-garde hotels.

In addition to its discreet, elegant style , this opening system is highly valued in hotels for its high security, with an opening and closing log that can be synchronised with the Reception computer. It also has the option of remote opening and management, including Gateways.

OS-SLIM: High technological level in a narrow profile design

Electronic Lock OS SLIM

This lock, like the EVO, is another subtle and elegant option, with a high technological level. As its name suggests, our OS-SLIM model is characterised by a narrow profile that gives a refined and innovative aspect to the door image, as perceived from both the exterior and from within the room. As well as stainless steel, it has the option of a finish in black (the elegant Black Edition), white, gold and special anti-bacterial. All of these colours are achieved using a VPD (Vapour Phase Deposition) lacquering process, which gives greater resistance to abrasion and corrosion.

At the moment, this narrow profile lock is highly popular in the hotel sector, both for its straight lines, which are easy to integrate into any style, and also for its performance. It can be opened via Bluetooth, with a MiFare proximity card or remotely through the Gateway. In fact, both the EVO and the OS-SLIM lock can be installed together with the EXO hotel safe, with both devices being managed remotely via a Gateway.

If you want to learn more about the different solutions available for modernising your accommodation, or find more information about renovating access systems in the hotel or holiday home, sector, please do not hesitate to contact the Omnitec team.