Hotel Safe with Bluetooth EXO

Operates by code, Bluetooth and proximity card

Hotel safe with a high technological features.

Opening via Bluetooth, proximity card and numerical code, plus Bluetooth management and maintenance; these are the identifying features of a hotel safe with a high technological DNA.

Connectivity for the use and management of the hotel safe EXO

Installation, management and maintenance of the hotel safe via Bluetooth with a mobile app controlled by the hotel manager.

A hotel safe that guarantees the security of guests’ property and gives you the extra convenience of being able to open the hotel safe with your smartphone, RFID tag or personal numerical code.

Single-use random master code, increase the security standards in your hotel

The single-use random master code significantly improves the level of hotel safe security. The Omnitec’s app generates an emergency code that is used only once to open the hotel safe it was created for.

Hotel safe available in 7 sizes with front, top or front sliding opening.

Hotel Safe - Dimensions (width-height-depth)

Hotel Safe - Standard Features

  • Motorized opening and closing, with 4 to 6 digit customer code, proximity card and Bluetooth.
  • Maintenance and management with Mobile APP:
    • No limit to the number of events recorded.
    • Battery level check.
    • Set-up of the installation.
    • Generation of single use master code.
  • Self-locking GUEST-PRESENCE: in installations with EXO safe, Omnitec locks and Gateway, the safe will only be activated when the room lock is opened by the guest. Whenever any other person enters the room, the safe remains desconnected.
  • EXO Bi-Master provides the administrator with two emergency master code modes: fixed programmable and random single-use opening.
  • Emergency opening via:
    • Master code.
    • Hidden mechanical key.
  • Different types of codes and Bluetooth authorisations: temporary, single use, permanent and cyclic.
  • ADA keyboard for the visually impaired.
  • Low consumption LED interior lighting.
  • 110º wide opening hinge to insert belongings into the hotel safe without risk of damaging them.
  • Power port for exhausted batteries.

Hotel Safe - Optional Accessories

  • Interior multi-zone socket, with USB option.
  • Power supply, avoids the use of batteries and minimizes maintenance.

Hotel Safe - Specific Project Options

  • Change of dimensions.
  • Change of colour, RAL chart.
  • Left opening door.

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