Omnitec Systems presents a range of safes for the hotel and hospitality sector with a wide range of options to adapt to the needs of each installation.

4 technological levels, 3 opening formats and 7 sizes, plus the different available complements, allow us to offer a wide safe range that responds to the current demand of the simplest installations, up to those of the highest level and requirements.

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Safes for Hotels and Offices

Hotels and accommodation facilities have to guarantee the security of their guests’ property and belongings. Although the initial security control is the electronic lock installed in the access door to the room or apartment, including a safe in the room’s standard equipment provides the hotel with extra security and gives confidence to the customer. Airline tickets, passports and valuables must be kept in a safe when the customer leaves the room.

Electronic Safes

Considering the needs of hotels of all categories in the more than 70 countries that Omnitec is present, Omnitec safes offer a wide range of possibilities: from the simplest and most economical electronic safe to one fitted with the most advanced electronic security systems.

Our range of hotel safes consists of 4 electronic systems, 7 sizes and 3 opening formats, adaptable to all types of facilities and hotel furniture.

  • The Protect safe incorporates advanced technological functions for hotels with the highest safety standards. It is equipped with a large opening hinge as standard, to prevent damage when putting goods in or removing them from the safe.
  • Supra is a high-performance safe the owner can manage easily; with its backlit rubber keyboard making it easy to operate in low light environments.
  • Safeguard M-Plus represents polyvalence in terms of safes, and provides the balance of safety, features and convenience most demanded by hotel safe users.
  • The Safeguard safe guarantees the security of your guests' belongings without the hotel having to invest heavily. Simple and practical, the Safeguard safe can be configured for renting and power supply, for example.