Hotel Electronic Safe NOBO

Multipurpose safe box for hotels

The NOBO electronic safe is a multipurpose model that offers all the functions demanded by hotels and tourist accommodation.

NOBO provides the services demanded most in hotels. Its standard version and optional add-ons meet the security and functionality requirements of most hotels.

Safe that offers convenience and security for your guests

Simple for guest management, Nobo hotel safe offers the owner different emergency opening and audit methods to help resolve possible incidents. NOBO safe has become an icon in versatility and comfort.

A hotel safe with a highly visible, white backlit screen and keyboard.

The NOBO safe offers a balance between convenience and safety; both being highly valued by guests.

Options for electronic rental, RFID card or iButton opening and auditing, among others, make NOBO a polyvalent safe for guests and owners of hotels and tourist accommodation.

Hotel Safe - Dimensions (width-height-depth)

Hotel Safe - Standard Features

  • Electronic, motorised opening and closing.
  • Bolts with anti-lever protection.
  • Audit, of the last 400 events (opening + closing), with handheld unit.
  • Guest code from 3 to 6 digits.
  • Emergency opening via:
    • Master code.
    • Mechanical key.
    • Handheld device.
  • Low consumption LED interior lighting.
  • ADA keyboard, acoustic and visual signals to facilitate operation for people with visual or hearing disabilities.
  • Door with opening spring.

Hotel Safe - Optional Accesories

  • Multi-zone socket inside, option with USB.
  • Electrical power supply. Keeps batteries powered for use during power cuts.

Hotel Safe - Specific Project Options

  • Card opening.
  • Opening by iButton.
  • Left opening door.
  • Change of colour, RAL chart.

ibutton hotel safe box NOBO

iButton is an alternative emergency opening method to the traditional mechanical lock.
The iButton system is a more secure option, as it cannot be duplicated, unlike physical keys. Additionally, the administrator can cancel and/or reprogramme the opening permissions for an iButton-equipped safe.
Safes with iButton are especially designed for large establishments and cruise ships.

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