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The Top 7 best features for a hotel room

Find out the essential items for furnishing your hotel rooms

The Top 7 best features for a hotel room

When travelling far from home and staying in a hotel, we all hope to find a service that lives up to our expectations. There is no doubt that a well-equipped hotel room is synonymous with a satisfied guest.

Fitting out a holiday home to attract more guests is a true art, and the same goes for hotel rooms. You have to think about every detail and put yourself in the customer’s shoes so that when they leave, they want to come back.

Of course, there are some items in a hotel room you can never do without. Do you want to know what the 7 most important are? Here, we tell you about them in this article!

1. High speed Wi-Fi connection

In case you didn't know, bleisure travel is an increasingly popular trend. Those who work while travelling do not want to give up their leisure time, so they look for accommodation where they can be online yet enjoy themselves at the same time.

Working from home is also on the increase - we are clearly living in an increasingly connected world! For most people who work away, knowing they have Internet access is synonymous with safety.

Hotels that still do not offer a high-speed Wi-Fi connection for their guests are going to be left behind, because this is probably the most important item a hotel room needs.

2. Bed linen and towels

The least we expect from a hotel room is to be able to sleep well at night, don't you think?

Not only do you need a comfortable mattress, but also quality bedding. We recommend choosing sheets made with natural fibers, such as cotton.

A hotel must also provide a complete set of clean, standard-sized towels for guests. In fact, there is no more effective way to encourage reuse than to offer quality towels.

3. A strong safe

Another piece of equipment for hotel rooms you can never do without is a good safe. Have you ever stayed somewhere that didn't have one?

Also, bear in mind that its purpose is to increase security for your guests, so you can’t choose just any one. At Omnitec Systems, we offer you a wide range of hotel safes adapted to your needs. You will probably have used one already on one of your trips, because they are present in hotels in up to 70 different countries.

4. Storage space

In the top 4 of must-have features are wardrobes, dressers and drawers, because guests love to feel at home and have enough storage space in the room to store their belongings.

Keep this in mind when managing the best guest experience possible!

5. The courtesy tray

Is there a better welcome after a long trip than finding a courtesy tray in your hotel room? It doesn't necessarily have to contain a snack, just a kettle and some tea bags or a packet of coffee are enough to make a guest feel grateful.

Of course, this has to be a free addition to the minibar, which must be another ever-present in any hotel room. Our range of hotel and hospitality minibars is a great option if you want to equip your hotel room properly.

6. A good electronic lock

Electronic locks are also essential for guests to feel at ease, comfortable and safe in their room.

You can choose among those that open via Bluetooth, with a mobile phone, that offer access through a proximity card or those that use a numeric keypad. It’s up to you!

7. A full-length mirror

Indeed, the seventh piece of essential hotel room equipment is just as important as the rest, and it is a full-length mirror. As surprising as it may seem, it is something that many guests value greatly. And the same can be said for the lighting in the room!

Remember that safety is paramount

However you fit out your hotel rooms, remember that safety is paramount. It's clear that if guests don't feel safe, they won't feel satisfied with your services either. At Omnitec Systems we have a full catalogue of solutions to help you increase security in each room. Take a look!