Guest Experience

Managing Guest Experience: Design, Purpose and How to Improve it

Keys to improve the management of your hotel's guest experience

Managing Guest Experience: Design, Purpose and How to Improve it

When travelling and staying in a hotel or tourist apartment, the first impression is vital; while the last impression stays with you forever. The guest's experience is what leads them to decide whether to return or not, and whether to recommend your hotel to other potential customers.

There are certain factors that make all the difference for guest satisfaction; however, managing your guests’ experience in the hotel sector is much more complex than it seems.

To help you work on it, this article explains the main aspects to consider when designing a positive experience for your hotel guests.

What is guest experience management?

From selecting your hotel in a booking engine to checking out and walking out the hotel door, your guest will have experienced a long list of interactions with your establishment.

The hotel's management of the guest experience encompasses all of these interactions, with a focus on delivering exceptional service to every guest. The key is to anticipate the needs and desires of guests so their experience at the hotel is an unforgettable one, which will encourage their loyalty and promote positive recommendations.

However, the guest experience is not the same as guest satisfaction. The former is the sum of all the moments and interactions - both physical and digital – that guests experiences during their stay; while guest satisfaction is the specific contentment felt in each of those moments or interactions.

What does this mean? Getting customers to feel satisfied is impossible without designing a good experience for your guests. This influences both their level of satisfaction with their stay and their overall perception of your hotel.

Why is improving guest experience so important for a hotel?

Delivering optimal customer experiences is so important that there is now a new role to take care of it: the Guest Experience Manager. But why is this so important?

Pleasing guests increases their satisfaction with the hotel; so, if they are ever looking for accommodation in the same city, they are more likely to come back. They may also recommend it to friends and family, and perhaps write a positive review online.

This is without doubt the best way to increase bookings which, of course, means increased profitability for any hotel.

Main factors for designing and providing a perfect guest experience

What are the factors you need to consider to offer the best experience for guests? Here is a summary of them:

  • Personalisation: Knowing your guests and personalising their stay based on their preferences is essential for their loyalty. From choosing the perfect room to giving personal recommendations about local events; every detail counts!
  • Proactivity: Guests greatly appreciate it when a hotel anticipates their needs. So it is essential to be proactive in communicating with them before, during and after their stay. Customer service is paramount.
  • Security: This is fundamental for those staying away from home. Incorporating electronic locks and safes in rooms is a good way to reinforce the perception of security and guest comfort.
  • Technology. Needless to say, this plays a crucial role in modernising the guest experience. Hotel automation is the best thing you can do; this speeds up processes and tasks so guests don’t have to wait any longer than necessary.
  • Attention to detail: It is the small details that make all the difference: for example, having a well-stocked minibar, top quality amenities and good room service for any special occasion.

How to deliver a good experience: Tips to exceed guest expectations

At Omnitec, we understand the challenge of delivering an unforgettable guest experience. That's why we want to share with you the best practical tips to increase their satisfaction, exceeding their expectations at every step of their stay:

1. Anticipate guests' needs

Anticipation is the key to excellence in service. Knowing your guests and anticipating their needs before they identify them themselves creates a deep emotional connection. This can range from having a personalized selection of pillows to suggesting local activities that fit the interests expressed during the reservation. Personalization is not just a detail; It is the future of hotel service.

2. Make the reservation process easier for them

A simple and hassle-free booking process is the first step in ensuring a positive experience. Make sure the process is intuitive and accessible from any device, offering potential guests the ease of booking their stay in just a few steps. Including clear options, flexibility in bookings, and immediate answers to their questions will make their stay a success.

3. Optimise your accommodation website.

Your website is the digital showcase of your accommodation. It must be attractive, easy to surf and, above all, fast. In a world where patience is a rare commodity, an optimized website is essential. Make sure the photos are high quality, loading is fast, and the information is up-to-date and easy to find. Implementing SEO practices will help you increase your online visibility, attracting more visitors.

4. Be up to date with the latest technological trends

Technology is constantly evolving, and with it, guest expectations. From smart locks to efficient energy management systems, investing in technology not only improves the guest experience but also optimizes your operations. Stay informed about hotel trends and innovations in the sector and evaluate which ones can be meaningfully integrated into your establishment.

We also offer you some ideas to improve energy efficiency in your hotel.

5. Strengthen the security of your hotel

Hotel security is an absolute priority. Guests should feel safe during their stay, both in terms of their physical well-being and the protection of their personal information. Investing in advanced security systems and training staff in security protocols is not only essential, but is also a major selling point for security-conscious travelers.

Don't forget that one of the ways to improve a guest’s hotel experience is to focus on the safety and comfort of their room. At Omnitec Systems, we offer solutions that not only improve the guest experience, but can also make comprehensive management of your hotel business easier.

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