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Omnitec returns to EquipHotel Paris, the fair of reference for hotel technology in Europe

All about our visit to EquipHotel Paris, November 6-10, 2022

Omnitec returns to EquipHotel Paris, the fair of reference for hotel technology in Europe

After the standstill due to lockdown, the great Parisian fair, EquipHotel, a European benchmark in hotel technology, returned with a vengeance from the 6th to the 10th November, with even more attendees than other years. And as is now traditional, Omnitec returned as an exhibitor to this great biennial event as we have done ever since our company was founded in 2008.

A group of 6 representatives from Omnitec attended this great event for the European sector, which this year saw over 100,000 professionals from 144 countries.

Omnitec Team at Equiphotel 2022

EquipHotel: international meeting point

Although the EquipHotel fair had a significant number of consultations, the Omnitec stand received approximately twice the number of visits in this post-pandemic edition than in other editions, many of which were high quality. In addition, representatives from large foreign projects were also interested in access management products, which was not a common enquiry in previous editions.

The French were among the main visitors to the Omnitec stand, along with those from other parts of Europe (e.g. Italy, Germany and Greece); however, there were also a number of visitors from French-speaking North African countries, such as Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria. In addition, EquipHotel received many attendees from overseas regions of France, such as French Guiana, Guadeloupe and Martinique.

The brand´s space was also a meeting point for Omnitec's European distributors, such as collaborators from the Czech Republic, Germany, Ireland, Holland and France.

Stand Omnitec electronic locks at Equiphotel 2022

Numerous products of interest, especially the OS-SLIM CODE electronic lock

Yet again, Omnitec's electronic locks were the main stars of our stand. However, if there was one product that especially caught the attention, it was the OS-SLIM CODE model; a device notable for its narrow profile and slim, elegant design.

The representatives from hotels and import companies had not seen such attractive to look at products in the code opening options, as the design tends to be outdated. In fact, many considered it “the most attractive option with the best operational functions in the entire show”, once they found out about its high technological level; making it one of the most versatile models in the hotel sector.

Electronic Hotel Locks SLIM CODE from Omnitec

As well as electronic locks, there was also a small representative sample of other products on display at the booth, such as minibars and safes. The EXO safe was very highly appreciated for its high technological content, with opening via Bluetooth, proximity tag or numerical code, as well as its Bluetooth management and maintenance.

Stand Omnitec Hotel Safes at Equiphotel 2022

Another of the technological solutions in our catalogue that aroused considerable interest was the Lockerfy electronic locker, with opening via Bluetooth, proximity tag or numerical code.

Fairs and shows: a necessary contact with the sector

After the visit to the Parisian fair, which was an important contact with the sector for us, the show calendar continues with other events, such as the Cruise Ship Interiors Expo Europe fair, in London, which caters exclusively for the European cruise ship interior design industry. We will be present at this highly focused meeting from 30th November to 1st December.