Differences between Small Fridge and Minibar

There are differences according to the social use acquired by one or the other

Differences between Small Fridge and Minibar

We asked ourselves what a small refrigerator was different from a minibar, and the truth is that from the technical point of view there are no visible differences, but there are differences according to the social use acquired by one or the other, influencing the connotation of the word according to the Spanish-speaking country where mentioned.

Both are an industrial invention to keep beverages and foods at low temperatures according to the principles of thermodynamics, a rectangular object that is extracted heat using refrigeration techniques, either by absorption, compression, or peltier, a mixture of the first two .

The main difference is the use to which the refrigerator appliance is destined, or the use in itself that it will have.

A minibar is a minibar because it will be used by a hotel to provide cold drinks to its guests, mainly. "Mini", small refreshment bar at the foot of the bed, maximum comfort, simplicity of use.

However, the same equipment, perhaps less stylized in design, but with the same function of cooling what you put inside, can be called "small refrigerator" in countries like Mexico, or as it is used in rooms of homes, garages, etc. .

Another curiosity If we think Marketing has more hook for a Hotel call the team "Minibar" than "refrigerator." As simple as that. The word "fridge" does not invite to drink. But everything that carries the word "bar" provokes a reflex act of leisure, well-being, drink, alcohol, party ...

Most Latinos live in very hot areas of the world, places where snow is only seen in movies. Hence it is hard to imagine that the first meaning of "Fridge" comes from the places where incredible amounts of snow accumulated.

Only before the industrial revolution and the development of technology, it was only before the invention of the "refrigerator" that snow was stored in giant caves and pits keeping food fresh as long as possible.

In Aragon, in the village of "La cañada de Verich" there are natural refrigerators that have been left as a museum, a reminder of the ancestors of the "Minibar". Incredible true?

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