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Absorption and thermoabsorption minibars: What do they consist of?

What are the differences between absorption and thermoabsorption? We analyse them here

Absorption and thermoabsorption minibars: What do they consist of?

Have you heard of thermoabsorption technology for minibars before? In the Omnitec catalogue, we include the most common refrigeration technologies for our different hotel minibar models: absorption and compression. However, in this article we will talk about a third which has emerged in recent years: thermoabsorption. As we will see, its principles are very similar to those of absorption, but what makes it important is its ability to obtain greater energy efficiency.

How does absorption refrigeration work?

The principle of absorption refrigeration consists of taking advantage of the property that one substance can have to absorb another. This system is widely used in small refrigerators such as minibars. As with the compression refrigeration system, which is also common in these typical hotel appliances, absorption technology takes advantage of the fact that substances absorb heat when they change state, from liquid to gas.

Among our minibars with this type of technology are the A model and Pure. Both are important for their silent operation, due to their being designed without moving parts. This makes it possible to guarantee maximum comfort in the hotel room, where it is extremely important that the refrigerator does not disturb guests during the day and especially when they are resting.

How does thermoabsorption work in refrigeration?

Of all our hotel minibar models, thermoabsorption stands out for being a technology with a great future. Because, in addition to it being totally silent, it has a higher energy efficiency. And of course, in addition to its lack of noise, hotels also particularly value low energy consumption in their installed appliances.

Thermoabsorption minibars incorporate a mixed Peltier/Absorption based technology. By absorbing the heat from the Peltier diffuser, the refrigerant liquid evaporates and, as it circulates through the condenser, returns to its liquid state, dissipating the heat. The liquid refrigerant then returns to the diffuser by gravity.

In our catalogue, we already have the Noble model, which provides a significant saving in electricity consumption compared to other totally silent technologies. This heat-absorbing minibar is also silent (0 dB), as it has no moving parts or fans. However, what makes it exceptional, is its energy efficiency, up to A +, ranking it among the highest on the scale of the most efficient appliances.

What makes thermoabsorption technology different from absorption technology?

Both absorption and thermoabsorption minibars share a crucial feature in hotels: they are 100% silent. But the thermoabsorption technology that our Noble model incorporates is more efficient than absorption models. This results in significant energy and cost savings for hotels, as they often have hundreds of refrigerators in their rooms.

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