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The 3 best smart locks: a buying guide

How to choose the best smart door locks

The 3 best smart locks: a buying guide

It is no secret to say that smart locks have meant a revolutionary advance in the field of security and accessibility. These innovative devices use cutting-edge technology to open and close doors without using a conventional physical key.

Thanks to their connectivity, smart locks can be controlled remotely through a mobile application, making them an ideal solution for a wide range of applications, from homes to commercial buildings and holiday rentals.

What are their main attractions? Apart from their ability to authorise only certain users to open a door, they can be programmed for personalised access times, can receive real-time notifications, use automatic locking and grant remote permissions to guests.

As specialists in electronic hotel locks, we at Omnitec have written this article to help you choose the best smart locks on the market.

Types of smart locks

To make it clear to you that there are different types of smart locks based on their connectivity and operation, here we describe the most popular:

  • Keypad Locks : These types of locks work by entering a numerical code on a keypad to open or close the door. They are secure, easy to install and can have their encryption modified at any time.
  • Wi-Fi Locks : These smart locks connect to a Wi-Fi network, making remote control access via a mobile phone possible. One of their great advantages is the convenience they offer to users, who need only to have an app installed on their mobiles.
  • Bluetooth Locks : These use Bluetooth technology to link with mobile phones; thus offering safe and convenient access, without the need for physical keys.
  • Fingerprint reader locks : These use biometric fingerprint authentication to unlock the door, ensuring a high level of security.
  • RFID Locks : Secure and versatile, RFID smart locks work with radio frequency identification cards, for automatic locking and unlocking.

What are the best smart locks?

Design, ease of installation, configuration type, smart functions... Choosing the best smart locks on the market involves taking many factors into account.

If you are thinking of purchasing a smart lock to protect your home or increase the security of your hotel or company, we want to help you, by describing the best selection of smart locks in our catalogue:

1. OS-SLIM smart lock

Without a doubt, one of the most popular smart lock models in the hotel sector is the OS-SLIM, which has numerous advantages:

Smart Lock OS SLIM

  • Its minimalist design and narrow, linear profile add a touch of elegance and style to doors. Available in different finishes: stainless steel, white, black, gold or copper.
  • It has 3 opening options: via Bluetooth, MiFare proximity card or remotely.
  • Available in two versions: with or without a keypad to enter the code.
  • Includes Gateways in its installation, so the device can be controlled remotely.
  • Wide adaptability, since it can be adapted to other mortise locks.
  • Allows unlimited audits, which can be synchronised with your hotel reception computer to monitor entries and exits as well as opening attempts.

2. FLAT 2 electronic lock

Our FLAT 2electronic lock for holiday rentals also deserves a place in the ranking. Among its most important features are the following:

Smart Lock FLAT 2

  • Especially created for holiday rental homes with a high guest turnover.
  • Its remote management system means the owners and tenants do not have to meet beforehand to hand over the keys. This is one of the most requested features among those looking for apartment code locks.
  • Can be opened via mobile phone, by a guest; simply by installing our Rent&Pass application, or by entering a code.
  • Hands complete control to the owner, who can lock and unlock the door by changing the code at any time, according to the dates reserved by guests. Temporary, cyclical, single-use or time zone permissions, among others, can also be set.
  • Autonomous operation, using alkaline batteries.

3. Lockerfy for smart lockers

The Lockerfy smart lockfrom Omnitec is also one of the most successful options for lockers in offices, gyms, shops, hotels or spas.

Smart Lock Lockerfy

It also has 3 different opening possibilities: mobile phone via Bluetooth; online, via a gateway; or by proximity card or keypad numerical code.

As well as being a safe system for lockers, it is very intuitive, and can be easily adapted and installed on other furniture, such as drawers or cabinets.

It also has a master code included, so that the administrator can open it in an emergency. Its security is multiplied even more by its intruder alarm, which emits a sound in case of attempted theft.

Replace your lock with a smart lock and forget about using a traditional key

Now that you know about our 3 most popular smart lock models, and their numerous remote management features, you may now want to replace all your conventional locks with electronic ones.

At Omnitec, we make this easy for you. We have been dedicated to the electronic locks sector for more than 15 years, and our products are present in over 70 countries throughout the world.

Our goal is to improve the security and comfort of guests, workers and users; which is why we manufacture and distribute increasingly innovative smart lock solutions.

Contact our team now and we will advise you about finding the smart lock that best suits your needs. Don’t wait any longer!