The Omnitec Electronic Cylinder is the best option for modernizing doors for access to restricted zones, which gives a modern and state-of-the-art dimension to the room, whether hotel or office.

Electronic Cylinder by Omnitec

The installation of the Omnitec Electronic Cylinder modernizes the opening of doors, incorporating wireless Mifare cards, providing security and control to the entrances to these rooms

Easy to install and to adapt to any type of previous lock or obsolete technologies, it is only necessary to disassemble the old lock and install the electronic cylinder.


  • Battery power supply of 3.6 Volts
  • Low-consumption device, with a useful life of approximately 30,000 openings.
  • With the battery at minimum level, the device guarantees at least 100 openings before exhausted.
  • IP56 protection

Brochure Electronic Cylinder English