Home automation provides solutions to make people’s daily lives easier and improves their quality of life by simplifying domestic tasks and processes. Omnitec has developed a home IoT management and security access ecosystem for you to control all your devices via a single smartphone app.

Control of all your devices

Providing the home with an access control system that provides security, comfort and that is easily managed, such as the one developed by Omnitec, will make your day to day more comfortable and safer.

Devices such as electronic locks, electronic cylinder locks, mailbox locks and security boxes, all based on Bluetooth entry and integrated in the same IoT ecosystem, means you can dispense with physical keys and gain access using your smartphone.


Two user profiles are defined under the entry hierarchy model:

  • Administrator: Distributes the electronic keys and has control of assigning or deleting keys at any time, for each device and user. The platform provides an entry and user ID record for each device.
  • User: Can open the different devices depending on the access level issued by the Administrator.

Main door, back doors, enclosures, access to garages, garage door to apartment, mailbox, external cabinets, safes, for example, can be opened or locked using your smartphone, simply and immediately with MIYAVE.


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