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What a gateway is and how it improves your electronic locks

Extend the security and functionality of your access control with a Gateway

What a gateway is and how it improves your electronic locks

Have you heard of a lock gateway? This device is the latest in the field of electronic solutions and security. A gateway converts electronic locks and access controls into online devices, making it possible to manage them remotely.

At Omnitec, these smart communication devices are a frequent choice among our customers, especially within the hotel and hospitality industry. In this post, we explain what a gateway is and how it can improve the effectiveness of your electronic locks.

What is a gateway?

A gateway is a kind of smart wireless bridge which establishes a connection between your smart lock and the Internet, usually through a WiFi network.

Its main function is to help you control your locks remotely and provide a series of advanced functions.

While having a smart lock already offers many advantages, one with a gateway gives you a richer and more versatile experience, especially if you are interested in its remote capabilities and integration with other smart security devices.

How a gateway works with electronic locks

Gateway for electronic locks

Discover the the Gateway to manage online your Omnitec locks and access controls.

There are electronic locks that open simply by entering a code on the keypad or via Bluetooth using your mobile. This is precisely what Omnitec's electronic hotel locks offer today; but now technology has advanced much further.

Using a gateway, homes and businesses can be made more secure. This smart bridge operates by double connectivity, through both WiFi and Bluetooth. How does it do it?

Firstly, electronic locks and access controls communicate information to your gateway via Bluetooth. This connects to a WiFi network to send all the data to a server, which is then available for the administrator.

An administrator can set different functions online, such as opening or closing a door, and run them remotely from their laptop or mobile phone via an app. These functions are sent from the server to the gateway via WiFi, which sends them to the locks. It’s as simple as that!

Advantages of using a gateway in your electronic locks

So what benefits does having a lock gateway have? Well, among other things, you can control them remotely from wherever you are; for example, you can unlock a door from anywhere in the world. This will undoubtedly improve the security and functionality of your hotel, company or home.

Some advantages of a gateway:

  • Centralised control: A gateway can access and control the status of your electronic locks from anywhere via a mobile app or a management platform.
  • Notifications in real time: The device receives instant alerts about your electronic locks, such as unauthorised access attempts to a hotel room door lock.
  • Integration with other smart devices: An electronic lock gateway can synchronise locks; for example, with our EXO safe; thus, raising the level of security with the Guest-Presence self-locking functionality.
  • Improved accessibility: You can use the gateway to grant permissions to certain people; for example, authorising them to open a door. This is done by programming unique temporary access codes time, which is especially useful in the tourism sector.
  • Automation and ease of use: An Internet connection is essential for integration with smart cloud-based systems, so a gateway also lets you control the lock via a voice assistant, further expanding automation possibilities and convenience of use.

The fundamental role of the gateway in your hotel’s security system

In today's security landscape, a gateway plays a critical role in enhancing the performance of your electronic locks. Acting as a centralised device, it becomes the brain of any security system; so you can control and monitor your locks remotely and efficiently.

If you are looking for a reliable and top quality lock gateway, look no farther than the Omnitec product catalogue. Our smart lock gateways provide you with complete control of your electronic locks from anywhere in the world; giving you the convenience, peace of mind and protection you need.