Security for lockers

This is the best system of locks for lockers

Discover Lockerfy, Omnitec's innovative lock system for lockers.

This is the best system of locks for lockers

Secure, simple and intuitive. That is the Lockerfy electronic lock system for lockers, from Omnitec, presented as one of the best options in the range of locks for furniture.

With its three different opening modes, the possibility of remote opening is a significant one.

In this article, we analyse the advantages of this device installed in lockers, cabinets and drawers, and which is already being used in the most modern safe custody projects.

A lock system for lockers, ready for all needs

Each project is a world in itself, and this is the same for the features required for locker locks. One of the most appreciated features of the Lockerfy system is its easy adaptability to most of the functions usually required of a system with these features.

Lockerfy Locker Lock

Depending on the locker location

Lockers can be found in all different environments: from spas, swimming pools and sports centres to educational centres, museums and company premises. On many occasions, companies themselves request this type of service to increase the security of their furniture. Meanwhile, in the accommodation sector, lockers are typically present in hostels, when sharing a room with several people.

The Omnitec team adapts Lockerfy lockers to the environment they are going to be used in: from gyms to factory locker rooms.

For all types of furniture and materials

We supply Lockerfy to different locker manufacturing companies that require our technology, which is available in formats of all shapes and sizes, such as lockers, cabinets and small drawers. And from wood to metal, this locker security system is suitable for use with all types of materials.

3 different types of opening

The most modern lock systems are notable for dispensing with classic keys, coins or tokens. Like Lockerfy, they use a system based on maximum convenience for the user.

In accordance with each project, this type of locker lock can be opened via Bluetooth with a mobile app or, optionally, with proximity opening (card, bracelet or other device) or a numerical code, if an external keyboard is installed.

This way, the most suitable opening method for each situation can be studied.

Different modes: permanent to single use

Personalisation in this area is also essential. For example, the same gym could offer two types of lockers: a permanent one for which the user pays a monthly fee or others for daily use. Each will have to be programmed with a different mode. So at Omnitec we offer 4 different modes of Lockerfy locker systems:

  • Permanent
  • Temporary
  • Cyclic
  • Single use

Two closing modes

The locking method is also customisable. There are two modes of operation:

  • Self-closing, with a programmable closing time.
  • Open mode, where users close the lock the same way as they opened it; that is, with an electronic key (Bluetooth, code or card).

Remote opening: one of the most cutting-edge features

However, if there is one feature that differentiates the Lockerfy system, it is the possibility of turning the locker into an online device with the installation of a Gateway. What does this mean? The Lockerfy lock can transmit recorded events to the cloud, and the owner can consult a record of each time it is opened from their mobile phone.

Lockerfy locker lock opening modes

One of the features that is extremely useful for some sectors is remote opening: this lets the owner open the lock with their mobile, even if they are thousands of miles away.

If another person is standing in front of a Lockerfy controlled door without any access credentials, the owner can open the locker for them from their own smartphone.

This is especially useful for Click & Collect systems, where Omnitec also has experience in offering this type of solution for the new trend in online sales.

Lockerfy works with 4 AAA batteries, so one of its great advantages is that it requires no wiring. If the batteries are allowed to run out after various warnings, the system is equipped with a micro USB connector so the lock can be powered by connecting to a power bank.

A custom project with Lockerfy

Do you think this opening system for lockers is suitable for your environment? Get in touch with the Omnitec team, so that together we can assess your needs and see how Lockerfy would adapt to them. We are specialists in electronic locks and access control.